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20 January 2009

What dog are you?


So I am Reuben, and nobody knows what kind of dog I am. I came from the Humane Society where they guessed that I was a pointer/springer mix. It's true: I point and spring and I really love to chase after birds, but I also look a bit like an enormous beagle.

So, anyway what kind of dog are YOU? Kerry just took the test (again) at this website, and (again) she appears to be a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. What the heck? Here is what that looks like:

Photo by Sherri Regalbuto

Canada. Originated in Nova Scotia from various retrievers, spaniels, setters, collies, and spitz breeds. This dog's job in life is to thrash about at the water's edge in order to attract the attention of wild fowl, known as tolling. Eventually the wildfowl get angry or curious enough to swim within range of your gun.
Personality: Despite its specialized working habits, this is a quiet and obedient animal that makes a good family member as long it gets the run of the outdoors. does sound a little like Kerry...


  1. Hello mom,
    Chrystal and I just retook the dog quiz. Chrystal was once again a Canaan Dog, while I was a Newfoundland this time. I may have been that before, or it might be a new one because Xtal made me describe myself as "sensitive."

  2. Great dogs!
    The Canaan, according to my dog book: "an independent dog that doesn't need constant petting, she is also an excellent problem-solver and needs plenty of mental stimulation to prevent boredom, which can lead to destructiveness...This primitive breed is 100% aware of her surroundings."
    And the Neufie: "very sociable and needs more companionship than other breeds--he doesn't do well when left alone for long periods, not a pushover, he has an independent streak and must learn his manners: motivate him with praise and food rewards."

  3. Hi Kerry! and Eddy and Rueben!! I took the quiz and I got MUNSTERLANDER (SMALL), that is a pretty dog...I like the spots. Sounds like a good loving and loyal dog. Hope you are all well.

  4. Hi Mame!
    Wow: this is an unusual breed. Your characteristics: Loyalty and affection are second to none. However, it must be remembered that she is an active and intelligent breed so she naturally will require adequate exercise and mental stimulation when fully matured. This should include roadwork and swimming when possible. Most importantly hunting, hunting and more hunting. If left alone Small Munsterlanders have been known to start hunting on their own.
    Good thing you haven't been left alone, eh?

  5. actually sometimes they do leave me along....and boy is it a mess when they get home :)


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