Reub's journey

14 February 2009

He loves me

Photo by John Bliss

Happy Valentine's Day


  1. Please check out my blog...Your dogs are precious...Valerie

  2. Ah now, that's a header photo!! Beautiful! Your black one looks an awful lot like our other dog, Apple. It he a Portuguese Water Dog?? Apple is a mix, most definitely so, and we leave her coat shaggy. But we could probably carve almost any sort of dog out of that coat! And she does have a bit of white on her chest.

    Love your blog! Thanks for visiting us and leading me here! I shall return!

  3. Hi Pamela and Edward!Yep, Eddy is a Portuguese Water Dog and his hair grows like crazy. John thinks we should shave his front half & leave the curls on the he would look like he was wearing humiliating. Come back and visit us again!


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