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13 February 2009

A sky

This photo was the header for awhile. Look at the clouds!

Field of Poppies by Claude Monet, 1873

I like to look up in the sky to see what's going on. Must be a trait of Portuguese Water Dogs; you have to look up to chase those seagulls. So I was just admiring that sky in John's photo of me and Reub, the picture under the blog title. It looks like the sky in this painting, don't you think? Funny to think that a French summer's day and an eastern Oregon's winter day might have that much in common.
Lately we haven't seen many skies like this in Oregon. The sky was steel-gray today, with its own dark beauty, just at the cusp of spring. You can't fool us, sky; I can hear those migrating birds. Geese, blackbirds, robins...I run beneath them and sound the alarm, but I know they are just laughing down at me.

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