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12 April 2009

The bagel incident: Part I

The evidence clearly shows a fang mark on the bottom right of the bagel. A whole wheat bagel. My favorite.

Kerry's Testimony:
"It was a Thursday. I had bought a ton of groceries and among them was a plastic bag with three bagels in it, the last three from the bulk bin at Fred Meyer's grocery store. When I got home I found that I had bought so much stuff that I had to make a second trip back to the car to bring it all in. My feet were muddy, so I deposited my first armload of grocery bags on the floor, just inside the kitchen door. Eddy and Reuben came running to meet me, tails wagging. When I came in with the second batch of groceries, pushing open the door with my knee, what should I see but Reuben standing over the bagel bag, a bagel rolling on the floor in front of him. I yelled 'DON'T YOU DARE!!!' Reuben, much chastised, quickly backed off, looking very guilty. When I placed the bagel back in the bag I saw that there were only two bagels. Where was the third? And where was Eddy? I rushed to the steps leading downstairs where I saw Eddy, sitting on the landing, watching me alertly, looking very innocent. Two steps below him sat the third bagel, at rest, with a distinct fang mark in its side. I swept past him, scooped up the bagel, and rushed back into the kitchen to make sure Reuben was still staying away from those groceries.
I had two naughty dogs, one looking guilty, and one looking perfectly innocent."


  1. Verrrrry mysterious...what could this all mean? Surely Reuben wouldn't...and Eddy couldn't...wait. Mom, I think it was Dad.

  2. That's ridiculous! I leave the wheat bagels for mom, and hound down the sesame bagels! This is clearly a case of Porty theft!

  3. Hmmmm, Jessica. I had not considered that...he said he was still at work...a likely alibi. And he does always nab the sesame bagels first. I must think about this.

  4. Interesting use of the verb 'hound' there, Dad. Are you trying to say something? I dunno Mom, I might check his alibi...


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