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03 June 2009

The Birds

(Cartoon from A-Dog-A-Day)

Eddy cannot tolerate large birds. Turkey vultures circling so high in the sky that they are mere specks are too close for Eddy's comfort. Crows at the bird feeder will send him into a rage. And seagulls, well you can imagine, because after all, Portuguese Water Dogs were bred to work for fishermen and one job that they were expected to perform was chasing off seagulls. So Eddy is hard-wired to be on the lookout for marauding birds.

Birds, threatening birds, hmmmm....Did you ever see Hitchcock's The Birds: what a frightening movie back in the sixties! It would have been great to have Eddy around back then, protecting me from the obvious threat of scary birds! But decades later, when I rented the movie to show to my own brood of teenagers, it had lost its edge, and we all just ended up laughing. Today I came across this Hitchcock trailer from 1963, and uh, although it was funny, it gave me THE CREEPS. Eddy, get over here, that's a good boy.


  1. I was never impressed by the movie the Birds, but Hitchcock's trailer was a masterpiece! That, I've never seen before.

  2. I watched the movie a few times as a child. Have not seen it in forever, but this was fun and nostalgic.

  3. Yeah, I think this trailer is better than the movie!


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