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06 June 2009

They found the baby where?

I thought I would round out my reading of the news the other day by simultaneously visiting MSNBC and Fox News online. I was surprised to see the DOW up 49 points at MSNBC, but only up 29 points on Fox. Really? MSNBC had a report on Obama's recent speeches in the Middle East and commentary on the trip to Buchenwald, while Fox chose, at that moment at least, to ignore the president entirely. (They must be so tired of him: Obama this Obama that...let's just make him go away for a minute. We have that power!)

And the prize for asleep-at-the-wheel editing went hands-down to Fox for this headline.

Today I was quite relieved to see that both networks agreed upon where the DOW ended on Friday (up 12.89). It's nice we can all agree on something.


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  2. Excuse me?!! I didn't feel like reading the story, so I can only assume that was one GIGANTIC sandwich.

  3. my favorite line: "upset, but unharmed." what does this mean? covered in mayo?

  4. Well, I guess this could have been a very very small baby, whose father, in his drunken condition, misplaced her amongst the sandwich makings, and I do imagine that the child WAS upset by all that mayo. So it all makes perfect sense.

  5. News used to be news. Now news seems to be what ever you feel like reporting, real or not. Much of the news in Canada is biased by loyalties of the station to the wishes of the government. How is that news? i don't know. These are interesting observations you were able to make.

    The children in the pumpkin carving picture were from my school, but not from my class. They made the Guiness Book of World Records for simultaneous pumpkin carving by hordes of students a few years ago. They were all impressed with their record breaking event. Everyone had photo waivers signed. I think I'm good.

  6. Linda that must have been a lot of pumpkins, and a whole lot of pumpkin seeds left over!
    News here in the US seems to be right-leaning or left-leaning, with people devoting their attention to the stations/newspapers that most closely reflect their readers' political stance. Where the truth actually lies it is hard to tell. And just now, writing the words "where the TRUTH actually LIES" gives me pause to think.

  7. Great stuff, here! I'm looking forward to your participating in our Friday Shoot-outs. Visit a few of the members in the links. See you Friday. Gordon


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