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30 June 2009

Choco Bliss and "the procedure"

"The procedure" -which shall go unnamed-involves a day and a half of liquid diet, and swilling a large jug of icky solution all designed to, you know, help "the procedure" go well. Then I get all hooked up to a jumble of tubes, bags, and monitors and get wheeled into a chilly room with a cheerful nurse, a witty anesthetist, and the handsome young doctor who is seated in the corner looking at his computer screen. It is lunch time. But first, this "procedure." The nurse asks me some questions, including "What is your name?" (Could I suddenly maybe be somebody else?) and "What are you here for? "(Aha! Could I be here for a birthday party maybe? Please?) The anesthetist is fiddling with the IV and I suppose he has just flipped a little switch of sorts, when the doctor notices my last name, and lights up: "Bliss! Nice name! Hey that reminds me of Choco-Bliss, remember those?" I don't know what he is talking about, and neither do the cheerful nurse or the witty anesthetist who begin to tease him about weird food items only an East Coast dude like him would know about. The nurse mutters to me "He's googling it!" My doctor, who is about to perform "the procedure" is instead googling Choco Bliss. Wow, maybe "the procedure" will be more fun than I thought. I listen to some chatter about other snacks like Ding Dongs, Twinkies, HoHos, and SnoBalls...and then I wake up in the recovery room, with John offering me a glass of water.

When the handsome young doctor comes in to talk to me, he is surprised that my first question is about Choco Bliss. His serious face breaks into an enthusiastic smile "You remember that?" he asks, with surprise (because maybe I was supposed to be asleep during that chat?) "They don't make them any more," he goes on regretfully. We then proceed to talk more about Choco Bliss than the good-but boring- results of "the procedure."

When I get home, I google Choco Bliss myself, and sure enough, there it is. The kids in this cheesy 80's ad could have been the doctor's pals.

Count the number of times they say "chocolate-y" and do note the fab flashing sign.


  1. Wow, so you got to be knocked out for the procedure? I didn't know that! Have you heard of Coconut Bliss? It's delicious coconut ice cream. Maybe the doctor would like it. I'm glad your results were good and boring!!

  2. The "procedure" was a really great sleep for me!! My husband said I woke up declaring myself to "be in the mountains and it's not raining"!

  3. Ah, Jessica and Pamela, you're both brave and a little crazy to leave comments for this kind of embarrassing post. I am told by another member of my immediate family that it is, although funny, just plain GROSS. I realized after writing it: who cares to comment on stuff like this?

  4. Mom! The picture looks dirty.

  5. Well, I was going for "humorous" rather than "dirty!" The picture is also from an 80's TV ad. You can find it on YouTube and, truth be known, I did think that video was kind of suggestive. Although its resolution was far better I chose the safer teen-based ad, and even this has a moment or two of innuendo ("want some?")
    There is probably no way to eat Choco Bliss without being both literally and figuratively dirty. And maybe that is why Hostess no longer makes them!


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