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03 July 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: Celebrate Life

Patty (a retired photojournalist) and Reggie Girl (who raises money for shelter dogs in Georgia) organized the Friday Photo Shoot Out. The idea is to post photos of your local community every Friday. It has grown from just two participants to dozens of folks all over the place. This week's assignment, chosen by Doreen from Michigan is "Celebrate Life."

All photos taken in (or very near) Corvallis, Oregon

Fern fronds, when they first come to life, are very special. And the woods are full of them.

Imagine yourself at 16 years old, astride a beautiful pure white horse, bursting top-speed out of the shadowy, fern-filled woods and onto the green, sun-drenched cross-country course of Inavale Farms Horse Trials, held this past weekend.

Or perhaps you are just 4 years old, on the first hot day of summer, playing in the fountains by the riverfront.

The farmer's market is on the riverfront too, and there is always music.

At the farmer's market every place you look, you'll see a spectacle of flowers.

We celebrate being outdoorsy and athletically-oriented here, starting young! (John's photo, taken at the Run for the Hills 1K race for kids)

Some of us stay that way for a long long time. I love John's photo of these ladies finishing the 8K Run for the Hills race; they are in their 70's. This tough race ascends (and descends) steep slopes, twice.

Happy Fourth of July everybody!

All of this celebrating wears me out.


  1. that photo of the two ladies running together makes me verklempt. what a great moment to see.

  2. Great pictures - I love them all, especially the one of the two women doing the 8K - rather humbling, that one! As well, the child on the horse! Lovely!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love the running pictures.

  4. Kerry- What wonderful choices of life celebrations! That fern shot speaks volumes. Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you again. Happy 4th!

  5. I love the boy in the fountain! How motivating to see those two women running 8km. I can barely run that in my 30s!

  6. Happy Fourth of July! Love the running ladies!

  7. What I want to know is: where is the picture of YOU running that 8K, and how come we don't see it here?

  8. Well, smarty-pants dog that you are, there IS a picture of me finishing that run. Why do you think John was there with his fancy-pants camera? That picture, however, was not appropriate for "Celebrating Life". That picture will wait until the theme "People Who Need Stretchers" comes up.

  9. btw, Slim Pickins...I really like the word "verklempt," and I vow to seek ways to use it. (It happens to me too!)

  10. I dble clicked the foto of the boys in the 1K their exspressions are pricelss and i tried to match up the boys with the men in the background.... loved it.

  11. fun photos!

    mine are from Michigan - east coast area.

  12. Wonderful set of photos! I enjoyed each photo.

  13. That's what our new FArmers Market needs--Music!!

    What a great idea.

    Loved the vitality in your pictures!

  14. Thanks for dropping by, hope you had a pawesome teeth brushing session.

  15. What fun photos. Great take on our theme! Love the ladies running.


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