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14 July 2009

All will go well

As we excitedly prepare for a visit to Niger later this month, I have my fingers crossed that all will go well. That something like this doesn't happen. It won't, right? It's bad enough that this is the political environment right now. But there is nothing we can do about these things, except to hope for the best.


  1. Kerry. As I would advise a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy, you need to avoid the horrible birth stories. Stop googling "Niger" and "disaster" and believe in all the powerful forces that have taken care of your daughter for the past 17 or so months...I have a need to entertain the worst possible scenarios, but at some point you need to close that book, surround yourself with white light or something and go forth into LIFE!!! yahoooooo!!!!

  2. Well, that and keep your head down.

    Stay safe and come back with lots of great stories.

  3. Thank you! What I needed to hear!


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