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17 July 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: Yard objects

Patty (a retired photojournalist) and Reggie Girl (who raises money for shelter dogs in Georgia) organized the Friday Photo Shoot Out. The idea is to post photos of your local community every Friday. This week's assignment, chosen by NoeNoeGirl (US), is "yard objects."

All photos taken in Corvallis, Oregon.

Some of the neighbors have impressive yards, and they have gone out and bought objects to decorate them.

It doesn't always pull together real well. This squirrel looks worried about that bird lurking randomly back there.

We have never bought an object for our yard, but that doesn't mean we don't have them. Most notable is the giant piece of driftwood bequeathed to us by an elderly friend. She wanted it to go to a good home, kind of like a pet.

John hauled it here in his pickup truck. Did I mention that it is really big?

We have a nice stack of firewood out there.

A few years ago, tired of moving them around, I decided to set our rock collection free. It has barely stirred; these rocks love us. They stay right here in the yard.

Want a closer look at that geode? Thought so.

The wheelbarrow is my favorite implement.

This isn't actually supposed to be in the yard, but Reub thought it looked nice there.

Eddy would like to talk about this with you, soon. He has a fabulous collection.

Marrow bones, the only kind of bones Ed and Reub are allowed, add ambiance to the place.

You know how you can get momentarily fooled by those statues of deer in peoples' yards? Our neighborhood has so many deer that there is no need for statues. They hang out in our yards and pretend to be statues when you walk past. Although confusing, it works well.


  1. love your post. Rocks, wood, bones are all natural elements to me. The deer are amazing. much better than the statues ;)

  2. LOL Lots of fun! Great post - I enjoyed the pictures and the commentary was very funny. Good job.

  3. The driftwood is absolutely stunning - that is the type of Yard Object I could get into.

  4. Loved your commentary and the pictures were great. My favorite was the chair. I don't think you meant that to be in there, but I liked it. I also liked the picture of the deer.

  5. Lovely post ...loved the driftwood and the tree canopy over it is so beautiful.

    A deer ....for you is like a kangaroo for us I suppose!

  6. LOL - love the dog toy in the yard. I used to have a nice little basket for the dogs' toys. Moonbeam wrecked it and I think Sasha helped him. They both arrange their toys where ever they like!

    The wood shot was my fave, but it was hard to pick just one!

  7. I love the tennis ball! And the driftwood. But the wood shot is a classic!

  8. I can 'bearly" bear the thought of your rare bear with no legs to bear. Do you have a bear wheelchair anywhere? He must be a care bear, because he needs bear care. Don't make me come out there!

  9. Thank you for your awareness of the bear-mess. We are not careless!! I declare that this bear shall be repaired.

  10. I am not catching you and I want to, can you add followers gadget so I can mark to follow you? your photos and commentary are really wonderful.


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