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24 July 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: Reflections

Patty (a retired photojournalist) and Reggie Girl (who raises money for shelter dogs in Georgia) organized the Friday Photo Shoot Out. The idea is to post photos of your local community every Friday. This week's assignment, chosen by Audrey, in Canada, is "Reflections."

All photos taken in Corvallis, Oregon.

Reub, s-l-o-w-l-y mulling over two things: Why isn't she opening the door here? and Why is she taking a picture? I don't see a thing.

Rear windshield, taken in the driveway. Surprise! It's trees, in Oregon, of all places.

Doorway of my favorite downtown Corvallis store. Looks like the dancing logo has escaped her door frame and is caught skipping across the street. Is she hailing a cab? Do we have cabs here?

I'm standing outside the bike shop, and it's confusing. Which ones are for sale and which ones are parked outside?

Stars of donors, reflected in the door of the restored Majestic Theater

Another door, this one wide open, so you could look at the mirror. He must have asked the barber to take a little off the sides.

Windows of the post office. No screens here because we have so few bugs (seriously).

Shoe store window, dominated by black-eyed susans and a car

Art gallery

Lillies looking at themselves in the neighbor's pond


  1. love the bikes "in" the art gallery shot.

  2. love the art gallery shot. and the barber one took me a minute to wrap my brain around.

  3. I really liked the art gallery shot and I think it is because the art on the wall is still but the bike reflections suggest motion. I like your opening shot. Our dog stands at the door for minutes after you open it to let her in. In the summer it becomes an issue because we do have bugs! Great photo shoot. Have a wonderful week!

  4. How cool is that black and wite with the reflections of the bikes? I love it! I like the doggie in the sliding glass door too.

  5. My favorite of course, is the dog in the mirror. I love dogs. I also like the bikes in the art gallery. All of the pictures are great shots. Very interesting.

  6. Wonderful photos. My favorites are the dog, both bike photos, especially the last one, and barber shop.

    Thanks for sharing your little corner of the world for us.

  7. Very cool reflections...all great shots :D

  8. I like the bikes reflected in the art gallery window - looks like an art installation itself!

  9. I liked your photos, I went back and looked several times, each time seeing more. I love it when animals look at their reflections, so that is a fav. but I think the girl 'dancing across the street is number one.

  10. I'm not being very original with my comment - but the bikes in the art gallery really is a stunning shot!

  11. you did a fabulous shoot out here. they all really are impressive.

  12. Thanks for sharing your photos of reflection. I like the first photo and the art gallery reflection photo. Thanks for sharing.

    Can I grab my favorite photo? I planned to post a collection of this week's photo shoot out them. I will credit your site of course. If it's okay with you.

  13. Very beautiful and thoughtful post.


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