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21 July 2009

United breaks guitars

Taylor guitar

John has had trouble with airlines, United Airlines to be specific, when he has traveled with his guitar. What's so hard about being careful with a guitar?

The Canadian band "Sons of Maxwell" took revenge on customer service reps at United after the airline refused responsibility for damage done to expensive Taylor guitars enroute to Chicago. They made the very amusing-but sad-video shown below. If you have ever been frustrated by customer-service run-arounds-or by the way an airline has treated your luggage-you will understand why this video spread like crazy.

The blog Visible Measures, has graphed views of the band's "viral video," and notes that due to the video's success, United is now using it to train customer service employees. Belatedly the airline has also offered compensation. In a follow-up statement on YouTube, the band suggests that this money be given to a charity of UA's choice. And, kindly, they also apologize to Ms. Irlweg.

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