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31 July 2009

Friday Shoot-Out: Outdoor Food

Peas at the farmer's market (maybe my favorite photo all summer)

I am gone, long-gone, to a place far far away. John and I are visiting our daughter in Niger, West Africa for a few weeks. We'll be back later in August. Coincidentally, the photo on her blog today (and the one on Wednesday too) could fit into this week's theme, although it will look different from the rest of ours.

While I'm gone Ed and Reub have promised to continue the shoot-out for the next two Fridays. That's what team members are for, right? Ed chose next week's theme: "All Photos Taken at Knee-level" then Reub follows with his theme "Places I Am Not Supposed To Be."

Go easy on them. They're smart dogs, but they don't have opposable thumbs and the picture-taking thing is tough.


  1. Get lots of pictures and anecdotes. Will be waiting with bated breath.

  2. Peas look yummy and soooo green!

  3. What a good shot - love the bright color!

  4. beautiful color in the photo. One of my kids' favorite veggies.

  5. the photo is so cool to the eyes. thanks for sharing. I am excited to see more of your share photos in the future Friday shoot out. Happy trip!

  6. delightful, Gordon is right the PEAS are the best shot of food this week. congrats.


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