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07 August 2009

Ed's Friday Shoot-out: Photos Taken at Knee-Level

Hi folks! Eddy here, filling in for Kerry. She and John are in Niger, West Africa, with Jessica. I chose my own theme this week, which is "Photos Taken at Knee-Level." Next week's theme, from my pal Reuben, is "Places I'm Not Supposed To Be."

All photos taken in Corvallis, Oregon.

Sometimes I get to tag along downtown. There are flower pots all over the place. They're OK I guess. Sure are a lot of them. Let's go home.

This is more like it. How can anybody resist this? And right in the back yard.

If I sit here long enough, something usually falls on the floor. And that's a good thing.

Books and records, books and records. What's the attraction?

Nothing to eat here. That book does look kinda good, but hey, let's get out of the house.

Heading up the hill, Reub has to be on a leash

because he gets distracted by stuff, birds, rabbits, and deer usually.

Top of the hill, a good place for long ball tosses

The path back home

And then maybe I'll settle down. (Now this-- THIS is art.)


  1. These are cute, and I think maybe we should have a theme based on things at knee level!

  2. Fun post that made me animals so I really appreciated the theme!

  3. Nice post Eddie! The only thing is, I still can't figure out how you managed to take those photos without Kerry's help. I know your breed is supposed to be real smart and everything, but this time I am truly impressed. Maybe you could take a picture of yourself in the mirror so that we can see how you do it!


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