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14 August 2009

Reub's Friday Shoot-out: Places I'm Not Supposed To Be

Hi! Reuben here! Kerry has gone to visit her daughter
here, in west Africa. So I am doing the Friday shoot-out this week, and my chosen theme is "Places I'm Not Supposed To Be." My first choice was "Things I Like to Smell" but then I remembered my audience. You'll probably like this better.

Recently they tightened up restrictions on where dogs can and can't be at the local farmer's market, and they posted these signs all over the place. Good thing I can read, eh? Sigh. Well, to be honest, there are a number of places I'd like to go, but better not:

What? You see a dog up on that railroad trestle? And he looks like me? Impossible.

OK OK, it is me. Downward dog. I find yoga extremely relaxing. I wish I had my own mat b/c I'm always getting kicked off of this one.

The garden has a fence, doggone it.

This couch is forbidden.

Grocery stores...I guess I can see why they're off-limits. How do service dogs learn their self-control?

I like running off-trail, but that fence says otherwise.

The neighbor's pond: it's just a bunch of water and a few inconsequential plants. And it is sooo hot today...I would sure like a quick dip...

OMG! It's the extremely SCARY CAT. I try never ever to be this close to him. Gotta go. Bye!


  1. Excellent job, Reub! You're great.

  2. Great fun! Your dog must be loved... or is it the other way around?


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