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14 October 2009

Art's purpose

If we take it that art's purpose is to illuminate the world in a new way, provoke a reaction, somehow alter the consciousness of the viewer then her work is a huge success.

James Donaghy, reporter for the UK Guardian, speaking of Ukranian artist Kseniya Simonova

Deb, a counselor at the middle school where I teach art, recently forwarded this to me because she thought I would be interested. She was right. It made me wonder why "talent" shows in the US can't be more meaningful. This visual artist, bringing the judges and audience to tears, won the "Ukraine's Got Talent" contest for 2009. Could it happen here? Naaah. We would never allow the act to go on for over 8 minutes, no matter how important the message.

Ever wonder how it felt to be in Ukrainia as it was taken over by the Germans in 1945? I never did, but this helped me imagine it.


  1. This is so powerful.What an amazing talent this young woman has and how wonderful that she's sharing it with the world.Breaks my heart.

  2. I saw this this summer - Dan said he's seen a Chinese performance artist do something similar - isn't it amazing??? Makes me want to get a lightbox and sand and...oh, sand. Hm. lots and lots of sand. everywhere....well, this would make a great project when the summer days return!

  3. By the way, there are more videos of this artist on youtube...


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