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15 October 2009


Sixty years old. It sounds ancient. Over the hill. One foot in the grave. Or just hard to believe. However I had a great day today, my sixtieth birthday. The dog walk this morning was ethereal in its beauty as you can see from the photo above. Work was fun, with kids wishing me happy birthday all day. The evening dog walk was lit with golden light, so gorgeous. Ben and Chrystal, just back from abroad, are preparing a Japanese dinner as I write this. It couldn't get much better.


  1. Happy late birthday, Kerry! I spent hours on your blog at my last visit, and then I went to your daughter's and there went thr whole rest of my day.

  2. I'm really the negligent sister-in-law/aunt this year and I'm sorry. Mea culpa! But I DID think of you - and Ben and Jes - this week as my work and life consumed me. Welcome to my decade! It's really not so bad and is much better than the alternative! Your photos are gorgeous and I've loved the Ukranian art video and have passed it along to several friends.Amazing! Love you - even more at 60!

  3. We had fun, too. Nice to be able to spend a birthday with you. (photos turned out great!)

  4. I am way late but HAPPY Birthday. you are 5 months older than I, so we are in the same life phrase.... what ever that means. but happy birthday and many more!


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