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28 October 2009

A carrot a day

I took Eddy back to the vet today, two weeks after his $300 teeth cleaning procedure, for his free(!) post-teeth-cleaning check. The vet reminded me that brushing once a month is not often enough, and commented that she knows I run the dogs every day because she sees me from her car, therefore she knows we have a routine and so it should be easy to just add tooth-brushing to it. I commented back that I barely remember to brush my own teeth. And Ed and Reub don't enjoy dental hygiene. Furthermore, Reub eats all of the greenies and Ed would rather swallow whole the expensive giant oral-care kibble the vet sells us than chew it properly like a good boy.

"Well, will he eat carrots?" she asked. Are you kidding? This dog will eat almost anything he hears me chopping on the board in the kitchen; he'll awake from deep slumber at that sound and carrots are his favorite. So apparently eating a carrot a day is almost as good as brushing teeth. A new diet! We'll start tomorrow.

I can't believe I'm obsessing over carrots for the dogs (and just 3 days ago, oreos for the rest of us.)


  1. My dog is so picky when it comes to food. She has to smell everything before she will taste it, even if it's a steak or chicken or whatever. I doubt she would eat a carrot. I wish I had started oral hygene on her when she was a puppy. Her teeth are terrible and the vet won't clean them because she's too old and they don't want to put her under anesthesia because she could die. So, I'm just trying to brush what little I can to make it somewhat better, but she fights me all the way.

    I enjoyed reading your post.

  2. do you think this would work on children?


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