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25 October 2009

Junk food

Eating kale, onion, garlic, mushrooms, sauteed in olive oil,
served with pasta and parmigiano,
over a glass of wine we discussed junk food.

Coke, oreos, chips

Cheetos, gummi bears, twix

Pretzels, peanut butter cups, whoppers

Do chicken wings count?

How do you eat your oreo?

Wings don't count.
Oreos don't go with coke.
Almonds don't count, even smoked.

Popcorn, kettlecorn, pick one.

Salty or sweet?

Butterfingers and almond joys are acquired tastes.

Pass the pasta.


  1. What a yummy post :)
    I had an Oreo yesterday, Double Stuff, twisted. I wished for milk.

  2.'s road trip junk food included french fries and pez candy...not the most indulgent nor the most satisfying...gimme peanut butter and chocolate or a good bag of chips any day!!

    i'll take the pasta.

  3. I love your little poetic discussion on junk food. It sounds like you don't eat much junk. I wish I could say the same for myself. I like cakes and donuts and brownies and home made cookies.

    I made minestrone tonight. It turned out really well.

  4. Anything homemade cannot be classified as junk. Right?

  5. Although my mother-in-law (may she rest in peace) used to always comment enthusiastically, no matter what I had cooked--from braised ribs to m&m cookies-- "Good JUNK, Kerry!!" It was meant as a compliment, I'm pretty sure.


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