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23 October 2009

Friday Shoot-Out: Classics of Childhood

The idea of the My Town Shoot-Out is to post photos of your local community every Friday. This week's assignment was chosen by Ellisa, from Michigan.
All photos taken in or near Corvallis, Oregon

Some pictures from this summer:

A four year old playing in the very unpredictable fountains down on the riverfront: fun on a hot day, and boy did he get clean.

Here's a sweet, perfectly-dressed little girl mesmerized by a train set at the toy store.

The clean-theme ends here. I took this at the Da Vinci Days Mud Bog part of the Kinesthetic Sculpture Race. Now is not the time to explain what a kinesthetic sculpture is or how they conduct their insane races, but suffice it to say that during the mud bog portion, a lot of adults and kids got into a lot of mud on a very hot day. And I find this shot a little weird.

Last Friday we were in nearby Newport, OR, and we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium where they have several hands-on pools for kids, and patient volunteers watching over things.

I loved watching kids being tender towards sea urchins.

We booked a room at the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, as a birthday treat. Sylvia Beach is a funky old place designed to appeal to book lovers only; each room is painted and decorated according to a particular author. There is the Oscar Wilde, the Willa Cather, the Gertrude Stein, the Mark Twain, the Ernest Hemingway, the William Shakespeare, the Edgar Allen Poe....and the only available room: the Dr. Seuss, complete with a trundle bed. I sat on the floor and took a couple of pictures:

There was a Cat In the Hat Mural, a bright red dresser, lots of stuffed animals, and a hat rack with a hat that John tried on. This is kind of weird too (but we did have fun.)


  1. That is a MAN'S view of childhood. Love it!

  2. I like the water shots. That's a memory in the making.

    I like the idea of a book lover's hotel. I'd have to stay in the Mark Twain but that Dr. Seuss room looks fun. It's definitely a man's room because my husband always says to me that he's only three and a half. He would have a ball.

  3. It's not weird :) I loved this and my favorite picture is the mud bog one! Great shot!
    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Your entire post was great fun, but I liked the first picture with the little boy in the fountain the best.

    Maybe that picture should have come after the one of the boy playing in the mud? (hehe)

  5. fun shots - the Mud Bog boys look very statuesque!

  6. That mud shot is so classic! I remembered many times my brother was scolded by my mom for coming back so dirty and muddy! My own kids never had a chance like that after most of us left the little village to stay in high rise apartments.

  7. Kids sure love getting wet, don't they? I can remember playing in mud like that, too. And my kids coming home in a similar state. What fun!

  8. Ohhh the boys in the mud are wonderful AND I adore the Cat in the Hat!

  9. Well, I think the mud bog photo takes the cake this week! Yuk!

  10. So many great things to see!! Who'd have thought! Maybe I'll bring the kids out there for a visit. You don't mind, right?;)

    Love the mud bogs! And the aquarium!
    Thanks for playing this week ♥

  11. Wow, sounds like an awesome hotel--I'd love to see what they did for Hemingway and Shakespeare! I love the shot of the boy in the mud and the boy in the fountains! Very cool.

  12. Kerry - I have wanted to visit the Sylvia! What fun. Well, it is my idea of fun as a book lover but wouldn't appeal to my jock husband!
    Love the mud bog shot. My kids would totally dig that.

  13. OMG - the MUD!

    I went to a 'mud day' near Ann Arbor, MI with my hubby's cousin's wife and their two kids (they only had two at the time). What a mess!

    Hosing them off, she found a WORM in her daughter's hair!

    UGH! Kids love it though...LOL!

  14. The mud photo is so lovely. How I wish I was young again. My niece and her friends (all grown ups) had a great time.

    They went to the island where the first CBS Survivors was shot.

  15. I love the Cat in the Hat room - my kids would too!


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