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06 November 2009

Friday Shoot-Out: Skylines

The idea of the My Town Shoot-Out is to post photos of your local community every Friday. This week's assignment was chosen by Kate from Kansas.Link

All photos shot in Corvallis, Oregon.

Corvallis is not a big town and doesn't boast a dramatic skyline.

This is the single most distinctive building downtown, and its profile appears on official letterheads: the courthouse. Does one building constitute a skyline? It'll have to do.

If you climb a hill at the edge of town and look to the west you can see the Coast Range, layer after layer of hills and mountains.

Looking east you can see the Cascades. There were clouds obscuring much of the skyline.

In fact it has been misty in the mornings most days recently.

This is a typical foggy November morning for western Oregon. I like the mist and the way the hills look ghostly poking through the clouds.


  1. Lovely.

    The courthouse is wonderful and the sun coming down through the clouds glorious.

  2. Lucky you to live in such a lovely area and you have captured it very well.

  3. The clouds really add to the shots. And the sunbeams coming through them are gorgeous.

  4. Your shots are just fine. I think dramatic buildings are overrated anyway. I really like your photo of the courthouse and the solar shot coming through the clouds as well as the last photo. These are the ones that speak to me.

  5. When the building looks that good in a photo that well composed, it becomes a skyline to celebrate!

    And besides the natural skyline photos are just beautiful.

    Linda and Barry

  6. Wonderful photos. Especially the third one, my favorite. Isn't it great to go out in the fog for photos?

  7. I quess this would have been good information BEFORE FSO but your question made me wonder about definitions of Skylines - so to Google I went.

    *skyline - the outline of objects seen against the sky
    *skyline - horizon: the line at which the sky and Earth appear to meet
    *A skyline is best described as the overall or partial view of a silhouette of a city's tall buildings and structures consisting of many ...

    so your photos were perfect with in the defined topic.

  8. So beautiful...this area that surrounds you. Thank you for visiting and leaving me your warm thoughts about my thankful days :)

  9. Loved the courthouse, and your other moody skylines. I love fog and mist, too! And how it changes our day to day world.

  10. the courthouse is a cool building. I love the shot with the rays of sun coming through the clouds. awesome!! the mountains shots are fantastic also. lovely area.

  11. Just lovely! You are very lucky to live in such beauty.
    My favorite shot is of the sun coming thru the clouds!

  12. I guess you might get tired of the fog...but what great photos it makes. Really beautiful.

  13. Oh that last shot... They are all wonderful, but the last one steals me away. Gorgeous.

  14. That third one is just beautiful! I love it :)


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