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06 November 2009

The intense cow tee

John is playing with his superlative band downtown tonight, but having had a long noisy week with middle schoolers and a beer with the teachers after school today, I opted to stay home. It's generally a bad idea to leave me alone on a Friday night with the internet. I get sidetracked by the weirdest stuff, like this post on "Extreme Animal Tee-shirts."

The above tee is called the "Intense Cow Tee." Are we from Wisconsin, or what? Yes we are, as a matter of fact, and I bet that's a Wisconsin cow right there. I wouldn't argue with her. If someone gives this to me for Christmas I will totally wear it.


  1. I was once attacked by a cow and she did have that look in her eye.

  2. Could maybe make that particular wish come true...


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