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05 December 2009

When "viral" isn't a bad thing

I just listened to an interview with the Chief Nursing Officer at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center north of us in Portland, Oregon. When the chief nurse was told that the following video had gone viral, being a health professional she said "Oh NO!" But of course it's a good thing.

Collaborating with the pink glove maker, Medline, the entire staff had been invited to join in a self-choreographed dance promoting breast cancer awareness. The music is by Jay Sean and Lil Wayne.

The resulting joy and healing laughter is completely spontaneous.


  1. Saw this on my FB and on CNN. What a great hospital!

  2. I too saw this on face book and its brilliant. What a great idea!

  3. ok, i didn't get more than 30 minutes of sleep last night, but i am in tears, i am laughing so much. how i LOVE to watch people dance...thank you!


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