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04 December 2009

My Town Shoot-Out: A few of my favorite things

The idea of the My Town Shoot-Out is to post photos of your local community every Friday. This week's assignment was chosen by the Town Blogger Team.

All photos taken in or near Corvallis, Oregon.

These are a few of my favorite things. There are more, but this is certainly enough for now:

Walking in the fog



Sandy beach at Newport

Black pebble beach at Newport

Ferns in April

Rhubarb in May

Local berries in June

Lavender field in July

Local rodeos in the summer

Autumn leaves, and bangles

The fact that my children are old enough to cook an amazing Japanese dinner for me on my birthday.

The sound of John's guitar

Chocolate covered almonds in the bulk bins

Frosted pretzels in the bulk bins

Anything in bulk bins.

Fresh flowers

A candle lit at breakfast

The sun

The moon

The rain

Animals with dark eyes


Snow that lies undisturbed

Art of 13-year olds

(At the Musee d'Orsay in Paris)

All other art

Sleeping next to your best friend.


  1. Absolutelh fabulous! What a fantastic job you have done, all of your photos are amazing, its hard to choose which ones I like the best. I do love the lavendar feild because I have never seen one before.

  2. What a great collection. Ed with the tennis ball is a framer.

  3. These are all good enough to frame. What fun and how lucky you have so much beauty in your life.

  4. Gorgeous pictures showing a full year and a full heart brimming with love. Your shoot is so inspirational and spiritual. Thank you for sharing this joy with us!

    Enjoy the coming season, Barry and Linda

  5. Wish I could get shots like that. I was very impressed and inspired. Your appreciation of life is on full display.

  6. Yep! Anything in bulk bins!
    Fabulous collection of favorites - I'll join you for several, especially black stone beaches and walks in the fog

  7. Ditto on Sara Williams comment, and now you have me thinking of fiddle heads in the spring, YUM! I want to take the tennis ball and throw it for Fred, and what a beautiful coat...

  8. So many favorites and awesome photos of them. I love the mood in the first shot. And the rodeo shot! Wow!

  9. OK, I am officially blown away. Somehow in capturing the photos of these things you love I see more of the person behind the camera. You have captured the beauty of your own spirit.

  10. Oh Kerry, what wonderful sharing you have here. Thank you for allowing us to learn all these wonderful favorites about you :)

  11. wow! fantastic series of photos. love the first one, so cool! great shoot out!!

  12. Oh, Ed!!!! Exhausted, but not lettin' go of the tennis ball!! Ha ha ha!
    This was a wonderful post!

  13. That first photo is amazing. I'd love to blow it up and hang it on my wall. You have such a great collection of favorite things. I enjoyed your post very much and I agree with what Pauline said. Amazing!

  14. Your macro photos are so great.

    Are you excited that your daughter will be coming home soon?

  15. Oh my. I can say that this post is compose of two categories. The first part is nature. I can see a story in each photo. And the second part is all about beautiful favorite things you like. I cant ask for more. I am so satisfied. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward for the next photo theme you will share.

  16. the truth! - this is my favorite list of favorites so far this week. I liked your photos, I liked the dialog. I thinking that I like the personal flavor that the last 3 or 4 topics has shone on FSO.
    the lavendar field is lavendar or bluebonnets?
    You would love the Sarra (arab market downtown Rio) there is a store (loja) that has bulk bins of cashews, dried fruit, candies, cookies....

  17. Oh hon..what an amazingly wonderful shoot out!! I loved every one of your many I adore myself! I also enjoyed how you let it unfold!! Stunning pictures as the dog on the bed..giggle!! Thank you hon for sharing so beautifully, Sarah

  18. Oh, you're soooo right about ANYTHING in bulk bins - don't you just love it?! I love the variety of the items you chose.

  19. A great set of photos. Love the meal your son cooked; and Ed; and Reub; and the sand; and the guitar... oh, what the heck, they're all great!

  20. You dogs are adorable! I love the one of Ed :) Your candy pictures reminded me that I am in desperate need for some Christmas colored MnM's!


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