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03 February 2010

FSO: Circles

The idea of the Friday My Town Shoot-Out is to post photos of your local community every Friday. This week's assignment was my fault chosen by me.

Photos taken in or near Corvallis, Oregon.

This is a main street not far from our house, but Circle Boulevard isn't a circle.

Nor is it named after this: Corvallis's only traffic circle. This circle has a grand total of SIXTEEN warning/yield signs to help drivers know what to do! None of these signs help, and it's best to avoid this intersection because most motorists just don't get it. Seriously. Almost everybody in my town needs a trip overseas to learn how to navigate a circle.

Talk about a warning sign! I backed right into this one while trying to get a picture of the cool wrought iron fence behind it. For a second I worried that a siren or something would go off.

Another warning; John and I argued over whether it meant "No Skateboards" or "No Pickles."

Here is something that needs no warning sign: a great big wasp nest in a bush: I held the camera above it, then backed away very carefully.

It rains a lot here in the Pacific Northwest.

These water droplets aren't perfect circles, but they're so pretty.

Seed pods from a sweet gum tree, fallen on a rained-upon oil slick this week.

Spider web on a foggy Corvallis winter's day.

Pear trees are very common.

I like the big round hay bales in the fall; they remind me of shredded wheat.

A curled-up woolly bear.

Sea anemones, living in a tide pool in nearby Newport.

A summer daisy behind our house.

Our neighbor's pond.

A spectator at Da Vinci Days, a July festival for engineering and art.

John's photoA kinesthetic sculpture racing through the "mud bog" at Da Vinci Days.

A friend of mine builds taiko drums with his 8th grade students, and they perform proudly.

Denson's Feed Store is a favorite place. Need a hat?

Eggs from the farmer's market

Squash at the farmer's market

Cabbage, same place

Onions! Red onions!

Watermelons are raised in Hermiston, Oregon, and they are A-1

Ooodles of tomatoes, again, at the farmer's market

At 9:00 AM Saturday morning, I couldn't quite stomach pineapples glazed with chili powder, so instead I took a picture of them at the bulk bin section of the grocery store.

I just like this old truck. Why can't blinkers look like this anymore?


  1. That pineapple looks disgusting. Smells disgusting too. Why didn't you take a picture of the bulk bin kibble? That was round too. Lame.

  2. What a great theme, i think I'll try it or something similar on my next walk. Especially like the no pickles sign. I thought it was no drippy hot dogs.

  3. What a great assortment of circles!
    Oh the good ole traffic circle, in a previous home town of mine there's one randomly on the main street, and of course no one knows how to drive around it properly. Oooo I hope they aren't banning pickles, how will I go on.
    I love your picture of the ripples, it's almost mesmerizing in a way, great timing on that shot.
    Haha, @ only 5'6" hay bales always make me feel a little insignificant, especially when in Saskatchewan, where you can't use "it's on a rise" as an excuse.
    Ah, love the sea anemones, seen my fair share of those out here on the coast of B.C, ours are a vibrant purple. That kinsthetic sculpture looks like a neat thing to see in action, looks like a good workout too. Yummy fresh veggies. We've got a farmer's market open during the summer on Saturday mornings, you'll never see anything like that in a major grocery store. And of course last but not least the old truck, I'm a total truck girl, and I too wish the blinkers stilled looked like that !!!!
    Thanks for picking such a fun theme to 'shoot'. I thoroughly enjoyed your collection.
    Have a great weekend...Sarah-Paige

  4. What an assortment of circles. I like your spider wheel.

    I haven't seen that waxed paper umbrella for a long time. It is one of those gone forever things which I had to use every where when I went to school.

  5. Oh my gosh! that's a lot of circles. Perhaps the No Pickles is upside-down, or sideways. Thanks for a great theme.

  6. your circles are so great I find myself intimidated - but I will be brave and put up my sad assortment later today.

  7. impressive! like the ripples and web. Grand Rapids put in a few of those traffic circles last year. it is quite the adjustment for people to learn how to use them correctly. usually out of towners are lost on them.

  8. I just love your assortment of circles taken from nature, the seed pods and sea anemones especially. And the hay bales and water droplets; too many beautiful shots to choose from. A terrific shoot out, Kerry. Thanks for a great topic.

  9. Great great post Kerry! I was following cars today with great round signs and such, but my camera batteries went dead, and I had not time to stop for fresh...I did have fun with a few things on mine!

  10. I think you've captured the entire circle of life here today, Kerry! And I love the videos.

    But I think my favorite was the spider's web. How cool is that!!!

  11. Love your pictures. You've given the them a lot of thought.

  12. You did such a great job with the theme this week - I love the variety of places and things! Traffic circles always make me laugh - they had a few random ones in our college town and they seemed to baffle everyone that came near them!

  13. Kerry, I am so glad you chose this theme. It was a lot of fun.

    You have a great collection of photos. The water droplets are very pretty. I don't like driving the traffic circles. It's supposed to help navigate the flow of traffic better but I think it does just the opposite. Anyway, I love the umbrella and the kinsthetic sculpture, the hay bales and the pond. All wonderful shots. the old truck is great too.

  14. Well, as you know I couldn't wait. (Literally)
    But my goodness, you have outdone yourself! My glory!
    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  15. I thought this assignment was a wonderful idea! I loved so many of your photos. Great job!

  16. I just showed your circles to Bill, as well as Ed and Reub's. I have no higher honor to give a blog than being Bill-worthy!!


  17. Sorry I missed this one from yesterday. Wonderful and extremely varied shoot. So much work went into this one, it is obvious.

  18. Fabulous theme and your post is awesome! I hoped to take a photo of the one and only traffic roundabout in our area but I wasn't willing to take my life in my hands to take the shot. You're right, the locals around here also need a trip overseas to see how it's done - it ain't rocket science. Have a great week.

  19. Great theme for this week! I love the no pickle sign, but my favorite was the spiderweb!

  20. loved all of these! awesome post, awesome theme!


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