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03 February 2010

Ed and Reub hit the big time

Reub and me, we thought we deserved our own shot at this week's FSO theme of "circles." Kerry is always hogging the computer, forgetting that we boys are her team members and the true inspiration for this blog. So.

We've decided to become freakin' movie stars, and with John's accompaniment on guitar this is what we have so far:

Here are 13 seconds of what Reub does every morning for 10 minutes straight: CIRCLES

Here I am showing off some spins...errrr...CIRCLES.... on a Willamette River gravel bank:

Hey thanks John, for the music. To reward you for your efforts I'm offering to play tennis ball with you all afternoon.


  1. It'll be funny if we get more comments than Kerry.

  2. yeah! haha. we've been doing circles longer she has.

  3. You guys make me dizzy just watching!You both deserve an extra bone, or whatever your treat of the day is!

  4. Love this circle theme you got going here.

  5. Hey Guys,
    You are both really good spinners, maybe not in my class, but really good anyway. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and promising to vote for me.

    Reub, I think we ought to make you an honorary PWD for those great spins.

  6. Haha luv it !!!!! Those are some great circles you've got going on there.

  7. Hi dogs,

    You know what we cats know all the time?
    We don't waste our time going round and round. LOL



  8. Oh, you guys are too cute! You're top class spinners, for sure!

  9. Is Jessica back from Africa yet?

    Those balloons up on the ceiling of shopping malls. I remember very clearly how often, a child is given a neon balloon, the next thing is, he lets go, and the balloon flies away.

    Nothing can pacify the kid, no, not even a substitute one. " I WANT THAT ONE UP THERE."

  10. Whahahahah I looove this!! So much the spinning chasing..what joy happy dogs!! I did a video of Lucy Lu on my main blog this week too...she does this figure 8 dance and plays toe tag with me..silly much fun..gotta love the pooches!!
    Wonderful shootout:) Sarah

  11. Oh, what joy this gave me watching these videos. I love that the dogs got to participate in this theme. Very cool.

  12. Whoa! Oh yeah. We're impressed!!!

    wags from the whippets

  13. Ed and Reub, you've just put joy in my morning!

  14. haha, nice work! Cute!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. Hmmmm, the video doesn't show up on my computer. But I can imagine them. :)

  16. Hey Ed and Reub, thanks for stopping by my blog. :) You guys are AWESOME at circles. No wonder Kerry was so inspired. Keep up the good work!


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