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07 February 2010

My grandmother lived to be quite old

I'll admit up front that fried food is not good for you and nobody recommends it. Nonetheless.

I have a dirty little secret, which I must now divulge: a few weeks ago, after reading about home-made french fries on one of the food blogs I so love, I bought a (gasp) deep fat frier. With son Ben cheering in the background I cooked up a batch of fries. They were so good that I put the frier away and tried to forget about it.

But Ben is a terrible influence, especially when he repeatedly talks about doughnuts.

To make matters worse (or better, depending on your viewpoint), the high school senior who writes so engagingly in her blog 17 and baking, featured yeast-raised doughnuts this week, and it was as though she was channeling my very thoughts:

In an effort to avoid the plunge, I considered making cake doughnuts or baked doughnuts. But in my heart I wanted to make yeast-raised doughnuts, fluffy and tall and pillowy, and no talk of “healthier baked doughnuts” or “cakey rings of goodness” could really sway me.

Well that did it.

Even before they're cooked, doughnuts are intrinsically appealing.

As soon as you've cooked a few, you have to sample one to see if it's done all the way through.

They were really good.

My grandmother made these rather often and she lived to be quite old.

And she didn't even bother to try to do what I did this afternoon: jog it off.

According to my monitor I ran 30 minutes and burned 233 calories.
Almost one doughnut's worth.


  1. ach, it's the "almost a doughnut's worth" that kills ya! i remember jane and chet making donuts, though i don't think i was every involved in the making-dunking, just the!!!

  2. I made homemade doughnuts once...they were delicious, which is why I never made them again! I would eat them all.

    So speaking of delicious, I put the recipe to the shortbread on my post. That is delicious too, but doesn't make quite so much that I will get more that one piece, just right.


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