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23 March 2010

A perfect day

On Saturday our oldest son Ben married his partner of 11 years, and it was the best day ever. It was all hope and joy, with a backdrop of flowers, trees and mountains.

Ben and Chrystal chose this poem for me to read. I really love it:

"The Dress"

by Mark Strand

Lie down on the bright hill

with the moon's hand on your cheek,

your flesh deep in the white folds of your dress,

and you will not hear the passionate mole

extending the length of his darkness,

or the owl arranging all of the night,

which is his wisdom, or the poem

filling your pillow with its blue feathers.

But if you step out of your dress and move into the shade,

the mole will find you, and so will the owl, and so will the poem,

and you will fall into another darkness, one you will find

yourself making and remaking until it is perfect.

A beautiful crescent moon shined that night, the day of the spring equinox, a truly perfect day, with no need of remaking.


  1. Congrats to the two people you love.

  2. So glad you all enjoyed such a perfect day. I love the simplicity captured in that photo.


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