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19 February 2010

Friday Shoot-Out: Town plaza

The idea of the Friday My Town Shoot-Out is to post photos of your local community every Friday. This week's assignment was chosen by Redlan from Iloilo City, Philippines

Photos taken in Corvallis, Oregon.

Last Saturday I headed downtown to the riverfront, which is the closest thing to a town plaza that we have. I saw a crowd of 20-somethings and at first I thought something might be going on (great!) but they were just a bunch of guys disappearing off down the street to check out the skateboarding scene.

The waterfront looked forlorn and even the bike racks were empty near the popular restaurant across the street.

The little statue of river otters gazed upon the scene as if they were alertly waiting for something to happen.

The only person in sight obviously wanted to be left alone.

A pair of boots and a sweatshirt had been left behind by somebody, maybe a forgetful college student, or a homeless person who would eventually return for them.

Looking up, the statue of birds that usually twirls in the breeze was absolutely still.

Looking down, the benches were covered in wet catkins from the alder trees.

Was it a mistake to show up that day to take a few pictures? This small plaque (which I'd never noticed before) seemed to suggest it.

But just then I heard a little voice that said "Hiiii! Whatchya doin'?"

And I saw a perfectly beautiful pair of little feet.

"I'm trying to take an interesting picture" I said. And the little voice said "Oh! OK. I think I'll just sit down right here and watch you!" She plunked down on the shallow curb, and proceeded to do just that. I noticed her father on his cell phone in the distance keeping a slightly worried eye on her

He became more worried when he saw that I let her press the shutter button to take this picture (a map of local rivers): "Vivi, don't touch!!!"

But at this point the father and I realized that we actually knew one another.

Now the Friday shoot-out became child's play! I let 4-year-old Vivi Mae take this picture of a soaring bronze statue with salmon flying upward... well as this picture of the base of the statue, where there is a little girl supporting all of those fish.

Thank heaven for little girls.


  1. Looks like a very nice place to hang out, so peaceful and quiet!

  2. A PERFECT shoot. Perfect because it not only captured great images but the process of meeting old friends and sharing the experience with a child is the essence of what plaza's are all about!

  3. nice to see the riverfront, even in its winter emptiness...i've seen it during a farmer's market and it's a different scene!

  4. Sweet pink blessings :) - what a treat this post was!! I really enjoyed all of your shots and thoughts shared with them.

  5. Oh my gosh, I loved your shootout! The addition of the two little feet was perfect! Great job!

  6. I liked the river otter picture. It's lonely, but peaceful too.

  7. I think that was a perfect shoot out. Just perfect.

  8. Loved your shots. I really like the river otter statues. Also, the sparkly shoes reminded me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

  9. I agree with mark - ended up getting to the very heart of our topic this week. good job Karry


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