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20 February 2010

The thing about February

The thing about February in Oregon is that many days are gray. Light gray, dark gray, all shades of gray, while the rain comes and goes. I don't mind it, and I wouldn't like it if the sun shined all the time. I like the moody gray skies, the fires in the fireplace, the chance to take walks through the mist, and plenty of time to read.

Around the corner there is often a surprise lying in wait. Here the surprise is a hawk atop a dead tree, in front of a misted-over hillside.

But today the sun was bright and the skies were blue, a change of pace, as though the landscape had suddenly awakened and put on new clothes.

The Willamette River: so blue.

We avoided the taxes, the grocery store, the dusty house, everything else, and simply put the dogs in the car and went on a Saturday field trip. As you see, we stopped along the river and played for awhile. I love Saturdays like this.

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