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12 March 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: Wrought iron

The idea of the Friday My Town Shoot-Out is to post photos of your local community every Friday. This week's assignment was chosen by Jarie Lyn from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photos taken in Corvallis, Oregon

Wrought iron. It would be so great to live in New Orleans, where I could wander the French Quarter and see it everywhere. But here I could think of just two places where it might be found.

We are in the middle of wine country, so the first place to check out would be a vineyard, because they quite often have ornate decorative trappings. This one is from Elk Grove Vineyard, where you can sample wonderful Pinot Noir and Pint Gris wines.

This is the view if you are standing beneath the wrought iron archway that was pictured above.

The second place that comes to mind is the entrance to a large California-style, very upscale house built not far from our neighborhood. We were all a bit aghast at the display of extravagance here, and snickered when the city suddenly decided to build a fire station right next to it. But then they planted a lavender field in their yard, and I forgave them for everything; every summer they give bundles of lavender to everybody who walks by.

They have a wrought iron fence at their entrance, and they decorate it for every season. Here you see October.

I forgot to take November's picture, but this is December.

January and...

February too.

It matches the tulips beneath the topiary. I like the word "topiary" and so rarely get the chance to use it. (Topiary, topiary, topiary! There, that was fun.)

After Valentine's Day this went up.

And stayed until March, now.

I wish I had started taking pictures of the neighbor's gate a year ago, so I could show you the whole set, but this will have to do for the time being.


  1. This is such an intruiguing post! There is a certain irony to putting up a big fence and gate and then decorating it. And I also will look for an opportunity to say "topiary" today.

  2. Welll...I loved the first one..and it just went from there!! How cool is the fence loooove it! At first the candy corns confused me..but how fun is that!!
    Wonderful, delightful shootout hon!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  3. That is a cool project, the pictures of the changing gate decoration. When I lived in New Haven I tried something similar, standing at the same spot of a deck over a pond, capturing the changing colors of the park weekly for a whole year.
    Love the photo of the ironwork at the winery. Puts me in the mood for a nice little pinot noir this evening...

  4. Ironic: yes. For awhile they put a nice welcoming park bench on the street-side of the fence. I guess somebody sat on it, because they added a sign: "Private Property, Not for Public Use."

  5. I'm jealous. I could find fences but few gates, and that's where the best scroll work is found.

    I love the way the gates are decorated too.

  6. Sure the wrought iron shots are good, like everyone else has already pointed out. But I love the shadow dogs at the beginning of your post!

  7. Now aren't they creative!!! And haven't you posted what we all do too often. Judge, and then (mostly) find out that we were wrong.
    This was a great shootout!

  8. That neighbor is sure very creative, love all the decorations on the gate. I wish I stay around there to see the changes of decorations.

  9. Beautiful shots! The decorated gate is neat but that first shot is my favorite.

  10. Oh my gosh girl, I love it! You should make a book for them and give it as a present one day, and they would love you for it...hint, you might even become famous for that one!

    I live near a very wealthy neighborhood and I love to watch what goes up in their yards. Barely fences here, Even new houses have no barriers like I am used to...strange huh?

  11. all are great shots but I think the first two are my favs!!

  12. Some people must wake up every morning with neat ideas running through their heads - this gate is awesome. Rhoda Morgenstern of the Mary Tyler Moore show was a window decorator, maybe she's retired and become a gate decorator.

    I adore the bunny topiary, topiary, topiary (bunnies hop, dontcha know...).

    BTW, thanks for the nomination for my "leaf" photo!

  13. I love the seasonal decorating of the gates. My fave is the fall theme.


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