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11 March 2010

The mosaic project: oh nooooo

Well it was so pretty. We (the kids and I) were all in love with it. Lovely paints and shiny little glass pieces. The genius idea of painting the boards, and laying down glass pieces over it seemed so perfect.

And then we laid down the grout.

Where is the turtle?

OK, I am exaggerating a little. This picture is taken before the glass pieces were polished, so they are super hazy. My card reader mysteriously refuses to show the photos of the post-polishing process, and yeah it's not as bad as this. But still. We miss the painting!

John asked if the kids were disappointed. They aren't, not really. The process of making this big mosaic was the fun of it, and the outcome is almost irrelevant to them. We all learned something. Maybe we even discovered a new kind of art form: the painting-mosaic.

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