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31 March 2010


The trees have been so gorgeous, but this week's wind and rain have taken down the blossoms. This tree is a favorite of mine. I walk past it every day when I go to my classroom, and through it I can sometimes see the flags flying.

This week a student in one of my classes suddenly yelled "IT'S SNOWING!!" which is a little like yelling "FIRE!" in a theater, but in a good way. We all stopped what we were doing, jerked around to look, and sure enough it was snowing. It was snowing beautiful pale pink petals. Magic.


  1. Oh, that's kind of sad to think of all those beautiful trees without their blossoms! I felt like Mom every time we'd drive down Walnut where the flowering trees lined the street - I'd "ooo" and "ahhh" every time, making the girls sick!!! What a beautiful time of year!

  2. We were lucky that those trees were so beautiful for the wedding; I'm glad you noticed them!

  3. Kerry, that reminds me of the Peach Orchard from Kurosawa's Dreams.

  4. Kurosawa's Dreams. There was a phantom girl behind the pink blossoms, wasn't there. What a beautiful sad image that was.


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