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28 March 2010


I can't "unlike" this. (And I don't want to give you the option!)

I rejoined Face Book this week after having tried it for one week last summer. I reactivated because of the wedding last weekend, and not wanting to wait to view the photos that were taken then. So much is connected to FB, especially in the generation of 20-30 somethings.

Well, the photos were gorgeous, but I think I might de-activate Face Book again. That's because when I clicked on "Like" after viewing the pictures, it gave me the option of "Unliking" them. WHAT?

That's just...wrong.

You can change your mind about things, but you really cannot "unlike" something that you once liked. It doesn't seem right. You can begin to dislike it, I suppose, but you can't jump into a time machine and go back to "unlike" something. You shouldn't change "liking" in the same way that you change "tying" when you untie your shoelaces. It is different.

Don't even get me going on "unfriending" somebody.

I will never "unlike" this, and I don't want anybody else to even think about it. Not for a nanosecond.


  1. Kerry takes herself entirely too seriously.

  2. My friend and I were playing with fb and she unfriended me because we just wanted to see what happened if you unfriended someone. Like, does the person get an announcement that says "You've been unfriended..." Apparently not. Guess what...she wasn't able to refriend me! I had to send a new friend request for her to accept. We were laughing so hard. Ah well. Glad the photos we wonderful.

  3. oh don't get me started...i couldn't handle the whole FB thing -i am tempted once in a blue moon, wishing to be in touch with someone i know is heavily plugged in there, but really? i just can't take it seriously.

    and the photos??? WOW. i would like to remind you, however, of the sheer SIZE of that lens she was using...your photos are beautifully framed and composed, and if you were to find yourself behind one of those lenses.....well....i'm not sayin, i'm just sayin...

  4. FB can be really odd. I am only on it to see distant relatives and what they are doing. I am posting less and less except for some photos that I post. I find that the more friends someone has the less they post...what is up with that?

  5. I held out on joining FB and only joined to try to reconnect with an old classmate. I found her and we chatted, but now I'm thinking of dropping FB. I find it a tremendous bore.


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