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08 May 2010

Mother's Day

A quick hug at mile 14

Last weekend seemed just a little like Mother's Day, although really the focus was on Jessica as she ran her first marathon: holy cow that's a long way to run! It was fun to be out on a beautiful day cheering her on. The biggest kick was that she had asked me if I wanted to run a little piece of it with her, so I joined her for miles 14-16. I could barely keep up, but it felt great to have been asked.

Lookin' good at mile 15

Mother's Day always creeps up on me and I'm usually puzzled by the inevitable question "What would you like to do today?" I suppose that most days I'm one of those lucky people who gets to do what they want just as a matter of course, so my answers always seem dull: "Let's go for a hike! Let's play with the dogs! Let's cook something fun! We'll go to the beach! Fish and chips! Let's put something in the garden! I want to read a book!" On any given day or weekend I get to do these things anyway, lucky me.

This Sunday I will have a talk with my own mother, far away in Wisconsin. My treat will be breakfast prepared by Ben and Chrystal, plus I'm hoping for a phone call from Christopher and Jessica. And then there is always the hike, the garden, and the dogs. Lucky me.

C, J, and B on the day of Ben's wedding in March

With Chrystal, my new daughter-in-law (an extra bonus on Mother's Day)


  1. I sure love you, Mom. Thank you for running with me!! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, and I'll definitely call.

  2. What a great post. You have some goodlooking kids. They must take after you. :)

    Have a great mother's day.

  3. Also- I love this picture of Ben and Christopher and me. Just now, though, I noticed that Christopher and I look like miniature people next to Ben. Maybe Groomsmanhood makes you look giant for an afternoon?

  4. Yeah, thanks, JarieLyn but people almost never think they look like me! But today is Mother's Day and I am gonna claim my 50%!
    Jessica, my gosh you 2 really do look small; what happened? He is truly your "big" brother here!


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