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01 June 2010

Random stuff

Regarding memes, which I only recently learned to pronounce (rhymes with "cream" and is not a cute little French word rhyming with "hem"): I think I should only participate in a maximum of one of these per week, otherwise they will conquer me and I'll lapse into having no ideas of my own.

Random Tuesday has its allure, though. It sounds like I don't have to be cohesive even a little bit:

Gathering dust on a shelf at the middle school where I teach art there is a donated collection of yellowing art books from 1965, published by the old encyclopedia company, Grolier. I grabbed three books (volumes 2, 3, and 6, for no particular reason) figuring maybe I could further my education a little. The reading level looks to be about 9-12th grade, so hey, how hard could it be? They even contain some color plates.

I opened to a portrait, Mrs. Thomas Boylston, by John Singleton Copley and stopped dead. Why, it's Kevin Spacey!

I must be right. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person to have noticed this. I think I'm gonna quit my job and become an art historian.

Last week Captain Dumbass shared a link to The Big Picture, showing a dragonfly on the Louisiana coast. You should check it out, because it's important and the pictures are very good:

A hermit crab, surviving with oil on its shell, crawling past a drop of crude.

I'm actually really glad to see our troops in Afghanistan having a little fun. Seriously.

Ed is nowhere near as unhappy as he looks. Ignore him! He just wants your attention.

Potatoes in love.
I really like it when my veggies get creative all on their own.

If you're interested, go visit The Un Momfor an impressive display of randomness.


  1. Fabulous random stuff. OMG. It IS Kevin Spacey! Wow.

    There are a bunch of Copley paintings at the National Gallery. I could stare at his work for hours. Now I'm going to be also looking for celebrity look-alikes. Very cool.

  2. It IS Kevin Spacey!! That's too funny!

    Loved the shot of the hermit crab - that oil spill is so sad.

    That video was hilarious - glad to see the troops are having a little fun, too.

    Ed is adorable!

    It is great when veggies get creative all on their own, isn't it? Loved the potato(es)! ;)

    RTT: Rain Delays, Kiddie Pool, Cookouts Galore and a Rat.

  3. Yep. I concur. It's Kevin Spacey.

    Troops having fun is always nice to watch.

    Poor crab.

    Nice RTT.

  4. Ed is sooo cute! Love your random thoughts.

  5. Who's to say that Mrs. Thomas Boylston is Kevin Spacey! I think you've landed upon something here that deserves more research.

    I always mispronounce things. I called stipend more like sip rather than pipe. Oh well, nobody's reading my mind as I read right… right???

    Thanks for your randomness,

  6. Very nice random...

    I've always wondered how to say "meme" and now I know - thanks.

    You are right - it is Kevin Spacey! On a side note, I met him once when I worked at the Stratford Festival of Canada.

  7. What? It's NOT Kevin Spacey? Who knew that art history could be so fun? I love the randomness of your random!

  8. Nice rainy afternoon list for me to kill time to!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I love the Kevin Spacey comparison and heart potato. Very cool stuff!!

  10. That dress is quite lovely on Kevin Spacey.

  11. I am distressed indeed to learn that Ed is nowhere as happy as he looks because he looks like he's attempting suicide by swallowing a million mics of blotter acid. You really need to keep your dogs out of your stash.

  12. Wow, Mom- you totally outdid yourself. I cracked up this morning, reading this... I can't get over the Kevin Spacey thing- I think you should send this to him. Between the love potatoes and Eddy (is that cheese?), this may be one of my favorite things on the internet, ever. XOXO

  13. Hi folks,
    I'm sure that's Kevin Spacey and I'm glad I have you all to back me up. I'm usually not good at spotting celebrities because I don't really know who most of them are!
    Snowbrush: oh MAN, you might be wonder this dog acts so did I never see it? Parents! Talk to your kids! yeah... it's cheese. That's what it is.

  14. Wait- it's not cheese??? What IS it? Is it mine? Hmmm.


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