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06 June 2010


In two weeks I'll be finished with school for the summer and on board a plane to Italy where John and I will visit a country I have long wanted to see. In preparation for this exciting event I signed us up for a once-a-week Italian class; sadly we just had our last class. Now I have to make myself practice on my own. I have two textbooks.

This book, my favorite, comes with the promise that I can learn what I need to know in just 10 minutes a day, a dubious claim for sure. However it does provide stickers which are fun to use and give me the impression that I'm making progress.

As a result there are stickers plastered all over the place. I find myself saying "Buon giorno!" every time I look in the specchio.

I'm learning my colors.

I'm pretty sure I'll remember the word for blue.

The rest of the family has been very forgiving of these ubiquitous little labels; you can see that it could get annoying. Especially if you don't delight in stickers in the same way that I do.

For example I put this sticker on the bathroom wall and a few days later it had, all on its own, migrated to John's arm. Don't quite know how that happened, but he was very good-natured about it.

Some words are quite different from English.

And others aren't.
This is the kind of Italian that I really can learn in 10 minutes a day.


  1. Having he very good fortune to have been to Italy twice, I am more than envious, but also so happy for you. You will have lots of fun with your camera. I wish I had been into photography when I went.

  2. This is so cool. I want to learn Spanish. I should use the label technique.

    How GREAT that you're headed to Italy. What an incredible place! So beautiful, so historical and so much fun. And the food, the drink, the culture. Wow.

    Hope you'll be blogging from there!

  3. Thanks Tabor, I hope to have fun with my little camera, and I hope that maybe I'll get to go back a second time. You can't do it all at once!
    Reya, the labels are quite fun, and I think this book is part of a series that includes Spanish. Try it!
    As for blogging, I think I will have to wait until I get back.

  4. Do you have facebook. If so switch the language to Italian...I did that for German. I think I am learning a few things.

    I would love to see the Italian villages someday. Hope your trip is wonderful!

  5. I think that, in the interest of global communication, all countries should put stickers up on everzthing in multiple languages. Im in Slovenia at the moment, and it would be reallz helpful if the forests were labeled "Goz", for example. And it would be nice if the Y and the Z were in the same place on the kezboard.

  6. Kezboard sounds more fun than keyboard, so I think it's fine to leave it that way.


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