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04 October 2010

5th and B

I took a few pictures at a practice session with a band that John plays in from time to time, "5th and B."

The studio where they meet is at 5th and B street, hence the name of the group.

Practice sessions go on behind this blue door.

Mostly this group plays original music, a lot of it written out in scores, but much of it improvisational.

Come on in and look around.

There is lots to see.

And plenty to hear.

Each musician submits a piece, discusses it briefly with the group, and answers questions.

Then away they go.

These musicians come from a span of 120 miles to play together.

It's worth the trip.

A drum set is a whole world of its own, lots of fascinating surfaces, and all kinds of sounds.

The sax player doesn't sit still for a second; can you tell?

I was worried that my little camera might not be up for the job.

But I think it did okay, even in the low light.

5th and B

October 9, 9:00 PM: Squirrels in Corvallis
November 6, 9:00 PM: Cloud 9, Corvallis
November 20, Tabor Space on SE Belmont, Portland, OR


  1. Looks like a fun time. Love the name. Next time you'll have to post an itune of their music. ;)

  2. What an excellent memory in photos. Great shots. They convey information and mood at the same time. Makes me wish I could drop in on my son's jam sessions, but alas he is not as welcoming.

  3. What a wonderful shoot and story. Told and shown with so many great details.

  4. I've always loved listening to live bands. Your little camera sure did do a great job capturing the ambiance and mood. Drums are my favorite. Love this post.

  5. I wish I could come hear them play. What kind of music?

    LOVE the pics - they are fabulous.

    Making music is a really good thing. Love this post.

  6. Rebecca, I know. I have to figure out how to get an mp3 onto this blog.
    Tabor, 50 and 60 year-old men are much more welcoming than younger guys, I think. They were really happy to have me sneaking around taking pictures!

    B&B and Jarie Lyn, thank you. You are both better photographers than I.

    Reya! You would like what they do I bet. It is difficult to categorize. Strong horn section, amazing percussion, bizarre bass playing, and of course then there is John, the guitar player, well-versed in rock, bluegrass, country swing, and most of all jazz. The music is abstract and interesting. Lots of improv, and no song is ever played the same more than...once.

  7. sigh. these photos give a great portrayal of a jam session...just awesome.

  8. THat photo with the lamp and the guitar profile - all curves and shadows - it is an entire universe in itself.


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