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07 October 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: Water, reflections, & shiny things

The idea of the My Town Shoot Out is to post photos of your community every Friday, and hopefully improve your photography skills. This week's assignment was chosen by the Town Blogger Team.

All photos shot in or near Corvallis, Oregon.

John's photo

Every September my husband takes a group of graduate students on a trip across the state in a class called "Communities and Natural Resources." I am always envious. In this picture the class is rafting on the Des Chutes River, on the east side of the Cascades, and they have just lost a man overboard: exciting! In his class you definitely want to be paying attention.

In contrast, my pictures seem extremely placid. This is taken at a wildlife reserve, just south of town.

This past weekend we walked the dogs to a creek below Cardwell Hill, near our house, and I was fascinated by the water bugs, who appeared to be resting on a silver pillow of water. (I know it looks like I might have done something odd to this picture with Photoshop, but no. Didn't touch it.)

Reub must never be reincarnated as a human. It would be terribly dangerous because he would drink and drive, just like he does as a dog, walking through the clear, cold water, slurping as he goes.

Eddy likes water too. (Duh, he's a Portuguese Water Dog.) Here he is in the Willamette River, which runs through town. After taking a series of pictures I wrote a poem for him:

Among shimmering reflections there lies a prize

It seems tricky

because you must learn to swim

through a hundred liquid trees

in order to reach it.

Not, perhaps, as hard as it seems.


  1. do you stop breathing when you husband goes on such trips?

    I like the dog too.

  2. Rafting is definitely not for me! I like the reflection of the dog best.

  3. I love the little water bug and your description resting on a silver pillow of water, that's just how it looks! You captured it in words as well as the photo! Also love your last one of the dog. Great shoot-out!

  4. Kerry, these are amazing. I especially like the reflection of the red barn in the water and the one of Rhueb. So very cool.

  5. I love the dog photo - his big ol' tung lapping water. I think placid for a reflection picture is appropriate.

  6. I'm still laughing at Reub, walking and drinking...busy dog, too much to do to actually stop. And you are right about the waterbug shot -- it looks unreal. And I had to blow up the raft shot to look at the rescue effort more closely. I was flipped out of a raft last summer so it brought back memories.

  7. Perfect photos. It is surprising how real photos can look contrived, isn't it? Those dogs need a pat or two on their wet heads.

  8. Beautiful shots...I love Reub's licking his lips reflection

  9. Hi Kerry In response to your question about the plant on today's post, it is a Hairy Ball bush. The balls are full of seed and are hairy.
    My favorite here is the red building at the animal reserve. Great job.

  10. Love that waterbug! Great shootout.

  11. Ok...that shot of the pond looks like he is on liqued metal...wowza!! Of course I adore the the tongue shot LOL!!

  12. Some really amazing shots. Isn't it wonderful how well red reflects in water? Love Reub's water walking. :)

  13. Every picture is fantastic. Water is an amazing substance, isn't it? Water + dogs ... even better.

    Reub walks and drinks at the same time? Wow!

  14. Wow, I totally love John's photo. Just look at that raging current!

    "..and they have just lost a man overboard: exciting!" - LOL.

    That water bug photo seemed like the pictures I see on National Geographic Magazine. I am a subscriber. They have this page wherein people can submit their photos. Just check out NG's website if you're interested! :)

  15. Oh yeah, go ahead and paint your nails green! My nails are painted red now. Specifically called Pussy Red. LOL

  16. i can't say which one is the best. all of them are great. great subjects, great shots.

  17. I love water reflections Kerry, and especially like the first one. your dogs are so cute and precious. are they spoiled? they would be if they were mine.

  18. Very cool reflections. Being a dog person I must say that the pooch pictures are my favorites!


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