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19 October 2010

Black patents

There was an impromptu flea market set up at the side of the street, a table loaded with camouflage shirts and pants, studded belts, a computer carrying case, two pairs of boots, and a toy wheelbarrow. It was there that I saw them, sitting in the bright sunshine and so unlike me that I was drawn like a magnet: black patent high heels with cherries embroidered on them. The hefty Asian fellow manning the booth was quick to note my interest. He held them up, nodding his head, saying "very,very nice, just ten dollars." In my sweatshirt and jeans, loose socks and old sneakers, I couldn't help but stare, as if I were looking at a beautiful and strange artifact from some distant, alien culture. Completely enraptured, envious as all get-out. Imagine the red and black dress that these belong with. The dancing that they might do. The cheap perfume.

How did they get here? Who gave them up? I am quite sure they have a story. I almost bought them, but they were 3 sizes too small.


  1. Too small? From your photo you look like a size 4!

  2. Go back, get them, use them as a paperweight! How fun!

  3. What's not to love about a great pair of shoes. But if they don't fit ... best to enjoy and move along.

  4. 36 years and I am still learning about you!

  5. Aw, but it looks as if the shoes have never seen the dance floor. They have a thwarted existence but hopefully someone will help them trip the light fantastic :-)

    Is it wonderful when you see some small thing that tells an entire story by itself?


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