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15 October 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: Chairs

The idea of the My Town Shoot-Out is to post photos of your local community every Friday, and hopefully improve your photography skills. This week's assignment was chosen by JarieLyn from Nevada.

This week's topic makes me think about the three states where we have lived. There is a chair for each of them, with sweet memories associated for every place:

Westby, Wisconsin

When we lived in southwestern Wisconsin, we were very near an Amish community. John gave me this Amish rocking chair to celebrate my birthday (October 15, today), to be used after the impending birth of our daughter (October 16...obviously I got this just in the nick of time!) Of course little 2-year-old Ben liked to climb into it as well (his birthday was October 14) Anyway, I love this ergonomically-correct chair, hand-made by a German-speaking farmer who used hand tools with the wood from his land, and with no electricity.

Auburn, Alabama

This is a mule-ear chair from the period of nine years when we lived in the deep South. I like the simple style. I sit on this chair to pull off my running shoes by the front door.

Corvallis, Oregon

This swing was made for us by a man who lives about 15 miles away. It hangs in the oak tree in our back yard, although soon we will have to bring it out of the wet weather that looms ahead. It was an anniversary present to me from John this year, and we have made good use of it: what a pleasant place to sit and read. I could hang out here for a long time!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kerry. You sure do have a lot of Libras in your family. I hope your day is very special.

    I really like how you associated each chair with a memory of a place you lived. The Amish do very nice woodwork. The swing is very nice too and a great place to sit and be one with nature. I fantasize about living in the deep south so I feel a kinship with your Alabama chair.

    Cool chairs, each and every one and very special.

    Have a fabulous and joyous birthday.

  2. It is interesting to see how very different everyone's posts are on the same common subject.

  3. Happy birthday, Kerry. You're lucky to have such special chairs in your life!

  4. Happy birthday, Kerry. What wonderful gifts your husband gives you. I love your rocking chair, so elegant and I can imagine how lovely it is to touch. I think your presentation of chairs that hold memories is terrific.

  5. Happy birthday...birthdays -- October was a very creative month for people in your family. The Amish chair is so beautiful.

  6. The old chair with the modern day sneakers makes an interesting shot.

  7. I really like the frist chair and I would mind swinging ing the last

  8. Love that beautiful rocking chair!

    Happy birthday to another Libran! Hope you had a good celebrations with your love ones.

  9. happy birthday plus one, dear auntie!! i love the history behind your chairs...i have two cane chairs that came from the spangler's house, and they're tucked away so the cane doesn't get broken...sigh. someday young cats and children will be a little older and kinder to furniture...right?

  10. Happy Birthday to you! Those chairs are so awesome!

  11. Happy Birthday Everybody! I love that each one of these chairs had meaning for you!
    Always need a solid chair by the front door, and the swing is all important to while away the spare minutes in the evening!

  12. Happy belated birthday!! I love your collection of chairs and the stories with each. the first chair is very nice. love the swing also. that would be so fun and relaxing.

  13. Aww, what a sweet post. That Amish chair is beautifully made. And I could definitely spend way too much time in your bench swing :o)

    Nitty Gritty Chairs

  14. Hey, Slim Pickens:
    Actually, that cane chair on the front porch holds a special memory for me. Our old tomcat, Alphonzo, liked to sharpen his claws on the cane. Every time I sit on the chair, I see his mark and think of him. I would have swatted him off if I'd caught him at it, but now I'm glad he left something behind for us to remember him by.


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