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25 November 2010

Friday Shoot-Out: Downtown store fronts

The idea of the My Town Shoot Out is to post photos of your community every Friday, and hopefully improve your photography skills. If you would like to see examples of this week's theme from other parts of the world, go here.

Photos taken in Corvallis, Oregon

One of the nice things about Corvallis is that it has a small but vibrant downtown. Nearly all of the businesses are locally owned, and it is almost completely lacking in big box stores. There isn't really a main street, but there is a 3 square block area of small shops and places to eat.

Last Saturday I parked near the riverfront and walked past some restaurants. Wow, the leaves have really flown off the trees.

Not far away I came to a favorite store: Sibling Revelry, which is filled with temptations of all sorts. My daughter-in-law's mother and aunt are the owners of this great little shop, and I love being "related" to it...

...I mean, who can resist a place that sells fedoras, right? And owls made out of pine cones?

Peak Sports is also a favorite place, selling both gear and clothing for the many outdoor sports that this area offers.

A brightly painted garden shop.

A restored theater.

Next door to that classy theater is a sketchy bar, "The Peacock," well-known for cheap drinks and the breakfast they serve for $2.50. "The Top of the Cock," as it is fondly called, is an additional space for hearing bands.

There are several good shoe stores: we take boots quite seriously this time of year, but it's important to have some fun with them.

I attracted the attention of the owner at River Jewelry when he saw me photographing these gorgeous opals through the window...he politely invited me in and proceeded to take the opals out of their case so I could have a closer look. So pretty!

I thought about adding up the amount of $$$ we have spent on running shoes here, but decided against it.

Gelato, anyone?

The men's clothing store, Melhauf's, had a sidewalk sale on OSU stuff. It's easy to find Columbia sportswear around here because the company headquarters are only 90 miles away.

There are three music shops; this one is called Fingerboard Extension, and they have a good supply of ukeleles.

Oregon Tea and Coffee Company

Of course there are several banks, but it's a bit hard to take an interesting picture of them.

There are three microbreweries, with cool little restaurants attached.

Robnett's Hardware has been in business for decades.

I took this picture at 4:00 PM but it looked like the middle of the night and I had a sudden feeling that it was time to go home. Night comes early these days!


  1. An interesting mix of shops here! Love the range of goodies and colours!

  2. Corvallis...I was there once a long time ago and only briefly. I think we stopped for breakfast? Anyway, your town looks like the kind of town I wished that I lived near. Original.

  3. There is something very special about Old DownTowns that have just the kind of shops you have shared...Unique, Friendly and One of a Kind. I really enjoyed your Corvallis, Oregon Downtown Tour with your excellent shots!

  4. I love those small towns that have managed to keep their unique and personal downtowns! Shop locally! Every time I can...

  5. Thanks for your shoot. I have to say that the ladders transcend the theme and make a great picture!

  6. These are very representative photos of the Corvallis, OR downdown. The colors are great as are the angles. I love our downtown and every time I see it, there are new things to take pictures of and new ways to look at it.

  7. Your town speaks to me of a real home town. A place where you can be 'related to' a shop - love that!
    I don't enjoy shopping but would be tempted by those pine cone owls. And couldn't possibly go past the team and coffee shop with a window like that! Love the angle of your shot of it.

  8. You have some really cool shops in your town. Love those pinecone owls.

  9. what a great place! you have so many awesome shots too. the bikes, the tea kettles, the ladders, etc. :-)

  10. Quite some interesting shops. I bet window shopping is always fun. Love those owls!

  11. So beautiful and colorful! Love the teapots and guitars!


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