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28 November 2010

Big dinner, little responsibilty

Buttermilk Falls

We just returned from a trip to Ithaca, New York, where we spent Thanksgiving with family members. They were happy to show us the deep gorges and rushing rivers that run right through town, or within 15 minutes of driving. Coming from the Pacific Northwest with its seemingly endless supply of wilderness, I sometimes forget that there are other spectacular places to explore. This was a great reminder.

I barely lifted a finger to help with the big dinner on Thursday, and you know, I didn't mind a bit handing over the authority of the kitchen to the others. In my own kitchen I tend to either kick everybody out, or delegate the things I don't like to someone who offers. (OK, I guess you can chop the onions, if you really want...) But on Thursday, feeling that my job was over after having made 2 pies on Wednesday, I was as lazy as a cat. They really didn't need me.

I reflected upon the question of when, exactly, did my children become so competent? When was it that they trotted past me, learning about things like pecorino cheese, kambucha health drinks, and Chinese green beans? Perhaps I have been dozing for a few years; maybe it's true, they're just speeding up at the same time I'm slowing down.
This year I still made the pies, but at the rate they're going I may soon hand that task over as well; this is mostly, I think, a thing to be thankful for. I hope they don't make me their onion-chopper though.


  1. What a lovely post Kerry. "Lazy as a cat", nice analogy. It is odd how we do slow down; I know I have and don't seem to mind it one bit (except for the pain in my foot... that is driving me mad). Thanks for the tip of the ramp.

  2. Oh, the photo of the window & reflection is beautiful. It's a great asset for your own reflections post.

  3. I am so with you...I used to adore entertaining, but now I am only to happy to be the guest.

  4. I love your header picture...make it a poster. I did all the cooking and have for most of my life. This will change as my daughter's youngsters grow...although since she is pregnant with #3 it will be some time. She loves to cook, and really wishes I would babysit...not yet.

  5. Hehehe! Our kids truly do become competent as they grow up, don't they?

    Lucky for me, I don't mind chopping onions. :)

  6. You can always bow out of chopping the onions, yes?

    Everyone says Ithica is a very special place with lots of interesting energy. I'd like to get up there one of these days.

    Glad you had such a good T-day! Welcome home.

  7. I don't know why I said that thing about onions.


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