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30 November 2010

Ithaca pics

Here are a few pictures from last week's trip to Ithaca, NY.

We took a walk around the Cornell campus.

The top floor of the art museum sports a very nice view of the lake below.

It was hard not to be fascinated by the lady bug on the inside of the window. Did she wish she were outside in the cold, I wonder?

The blue sky reflected in this circular widow.

I don't know what these little red berries were, but how pretty.

Ithaca has steep ravines and bridges newly sided with fences to keep people from going over.

There are lots of trails to explore.

We took some really nice hikes with our niece and her children in nearby natural areas.

What a spectacular place.


  1. love the round window, and the pic of the bridge is spectacular!

  2. Cornell? I have never been there but always fascinated by that university. Thanks for the show.

  3. Great photos! I like the repetitiveness of the fence. It's unfortunate they need it (I know someone who attends).

  4. The vines growing up the wall and around the window are kind of spooky this time of year but I bet when the foliage is out that wall is spectacular. I really like the photo of the bridge!

  5. Beautiful photos. I have never been to Ithaca but it looks pretty.

    Would you give me permission to use that first photo in my next tutorial at My Town Shoot Out. I am thinking about writing about framing your shots with environmental features. I would give you photo credit.

    I love how the trunk, the branch and she branch shadow frame your subject.

  6. Smashing angora hats.
    That ravine looks a little like Watkins Glen. That's not too far from there I believe.

  7. it is a spectacular place!
    I love the circular window

  8. Beautiful places well photographed. It's strange how a trip brings out the photographer's eye in us.

  9. What a beautiful place, I like how you had the eye to isolate such detail!

  10. Beautiful series of photos! I love the ladybug - she was probably glad to be inside!


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