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02 December 2010

Holes in my head

I had a cold last month, so I thought I was done for the season. But slowly and unmistakeably I came down with another one this week. When you around airplanes, kids, and holidays, it is almost unavoidable and you have to be ready for it. Ick, not another cold.

I was sure I could sleep it off, so I made a valiant effort.

But no. The sore throat and mouth-breathing persisted.

In the background lurked John's neti pot. He has been a devotee of this Hindu Ayurvedic sinus-rinsing process for years. I have always avoided the little nose-teapot thing because I thought it was gross.

On the other hand. What's the worst thing that could happen? So yesterday I had John teach me how to use a neti pot, and wow, I suppose I knew this but I never really thought about all of those holes in my head. Tunnels: it's like a subway system, all connected. Next stop: your other nostril!

This morning I was even more congested than yesterday, so I used the neti pot again and without John's tutelage it was not a pretty sight. My inner subway system had created a detour and the saline solution exited...surprise!...out of my mouth and all over my pajama pants. While it was doing this, "the worst thing that could happen" actually occurred to me: when I was little one of my brothers told me I could drown in a teaspoon of water if I ingested it wrong. I never believed that until this very moment. Too late! I was doomed to drown in a neti pot.

Well no, not really. I didn't drown, I only gagged. And I think my cold might be getting better.

Isn't it amazing how You Tube has a video for EVERYTHING?

I only plan to make this a once-in-awhile thing. A study published last year, cited in Wikipedia, states that frequent use may lead to even more sinus problems, while occasional use is beneficial. Everything in moderation, yes sir.


  1. I would never ever subject anyone to pictures of myself while sick. So the volunteers who took my place here are dolls from my childhood, little toys that I barely played with, but who now are uncomplaining photo subjects. I think they look sick, poor things.

  2. I think I only own one toy from my mom pretty much cleaned up everything when I moved out. Glad you are feeling better.

  3. that's our week too, kerry, though, speaking of moderation, i'm blaming all the sugar we ate all week long!!! i think that's why everyone gets sicker during the holidays - the sugar greatly compromises the immune system. i am a great believer of the neti pot, though i tend to only use it during colds. and i also had that grossest of experiences...ugh. hope you continue to feel better!

  4. I just looked at this again and the dolls are more than sick, they are creepy. Aren't they.

  5. Oh gross!

    So sorry you've got a cold. Hope you're soon on the mend. My opinion is that all cold remedies from chicken soup to neti pots are simply things you can do to keep yourself distracted while the systemic cleansing runs it course.

    LOVE your volunteers. Fantastic post.

  6. I thought the dolls were pretty sick. Also, my doc recommended the ol' salt-water gargle. About to go do that now.

  7. I hope you feel much, much better soon!

    I'm amazed that you still have your dolls!

  8. Mom, this post is kind of weird and creepy. I like it though....
    Love you!

  9. "Weird and creepy" describes me perfectly, at least when I'm sick. Very good.

  10. Well, that was brave of you to give it a try, I am having upper sinus congestion giving me wicked headaches!


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