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06 December 2010

Poinsettia issues

Recently I read an article encouraging people to decorate "the entire house" for Christmas, and it gave a number of tips on how this might be done. I only remember two of them:

1. Take down the pictures on the walls of your foyer and hang up Christmas stuff.

2. Fill the bathtub with blue poinsettias.

Well, our house has no foyer, so no worries there, but there is one bathtub. Blue poinsettias?

Then I came across this poinsettia cupcake featured in the book "What's New, Cupcake?" The flowers are made with multiple sticks of chewing gum, which

A. Seems like an especially gross pairing with a cupcake, and

B. Why blue?

I live in a poinsettia-growing region of the country, and I've noticed how they are playing around with the colors. Used to be that this plant came in red, period.

Soon enough other colors started to show up, usually blends of white, pink, and green.

But this year blue poinsettias are creeping in. I think they are just white plants that have been given something like blue Kool Aid to drink, then as if that weren't enough, sprinkled with glitter.

I hope they don't take over. I still like the red ones best (although perhaps they wouldn't be quite right for the bathtub.)

I must be a traditionalist because I'm not really comfortable with candy corn in December, and isn't it supposed to be orange?


  1. I agree, all of this is horrible. And not being able to take a bath all season would be the worst.

  2. oh groan. i've already filled me bathtub with RED poinsettias...i've never quite gotten it right.

  3. I love kandy korn. Long may it reign.

  4. ok, after a trip to the grocery store today, i spotted sparkling peach poinsettias AND a deep purple...what is this world coming to?????

  5. A bath tub full of blue poinsettia's sounds interesting. At least it would be easy to water them.

    The blue cupcake looks interesting and you can use the gum the 'clean' your teeth.

    The candy corn is awesome, I really like the colors! Here's my contribution to Christmas candy:

  6. egads, slim! Peach? Who buys these things? They have orange ones for sale here, as well as white ones that have been speckled with a variety of colors with a spray can. The orange ones will go to Beaver fans I guess, who want to combine their school spirit with Christmas. But peach?

    Oh man Woody, the thought of cleaning my teeth with blue chewing gum makes me run for a glass of water.

  7. I have never seen poinsettias these colours before! The blue ones seem so weird and almost plastic! Fascinating photos!

  8. Blue poinsettias are a new one for me! I LOVE the ides for that cupcake, but I would look for red gum to make it. I guess I am a traditionalist.

  9. Ha...I just read Woody's comment about watering the poinsettias...great idea!

  10. Hi Kerry ~~ The poinsettias I like best here are the red ones and for sure the blue cupcake! Throw the bubble gum away. :)

    One of our 'after GMA' commercials just now is from the Houston Garden Centers advertising red, pink, and white poinsettias. No mention of blue or bath tubs.

    We could be patriotic by using the red, white, and blue!

  11. the blue...even if it is fake! :)

  12. I am a traditionalist too and I think red is the appropriate color for poinsettias. I don't like the green and red candy corn either - it should be orange! :)

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will visit again!

  13. When I see something like blue poinsettias (or red and green candy corn) I think this is just another marketing ploy trying to get me to part with my money. :)

  14. Boy, I'm right there with all the other traditionalists out there! Keep 'em red - or white - but certainly NOT blue or peach or orange or purple!! And keep my candy corn lookin' like corn!!!

  15. I agree
    keep them red
    and candy corn is for Halloween and only Halloween
    why must people mess with things?

    love your photos

  16. Have to agree with you -gets a little bit gross when they put chewing gum on a cup cake! I'd admit though that I like the pink poinsetta - right now I'm incorporating them even in a painting I'm trying to finish!


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