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11 November 2010

Friday Shoot-out: Looking up

The idea of the My Town Shoot Out is to post photos of your community every Friday, and hopefully improve your photography skills. If you would like to see examples of this week's theme from other parts of the world, go here.

Photos taken in Corvallis, Oregon

The weather has been changing over the past week.

One week ago if you looked up, you were likely to see this, a maple tree in its glory.

The town was lit up with color from the trees. Last Saturday I was near campus where I spotted a student's truck, all tricked out with stuff, including, I guess?

Since then it has been quite rainy. I love to hear it at night, and then in the mornings when I go to work the mist is just beginning to clear. We live on the northwest edge of town, in the foothills of the Pacific Coast Range. I took this one morning coming down the hill to go into town.

I always hit a red light when I reach the bottom of the hill. It seems to be a rule.

Along with the rain we have had some wind and now the trees are looking more like this.

It gets dark early now, so yesterday I rushed home to take the dogs on a walk at 5:00 PM.

I was glad I had done that, because it would have been sad to miss this sunset.


  1. Beautiful natural beauty around your town, I'm so envious here.

  2. Beautiful photos, Kerry. I really love those gnarly trees. I also think those smiley face lights are very cute.

  3. What a gorgeous shot of that naked tree! I'd love to spend the weekend walking around your area, shooting the mist as it clears.

  4. How lucky you had to stop at the red quite a shot, and of course the rest of your Photos are just beautiful. I love the mist shot and Ed and Ruben looking up. Great shoot out!

  5. You definitely get an A for this assignment.

  6. All your pics are really nice, but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that first one. So cute.

  7. I love how you captured the change in the trees from autumn to winter. And the color of the sunset and clouds in the last photo was a favorite

  8. the photo of the dogs is priceless. and I like very much the bare tree branches. guess this is just one of my idiocracies - (only one?) I love bare branches, the shape of trees. when young - a hundred years ago - when taking notes in school - my doodles were tree branches.... thats why I never topped my classes - may note pages were full of trees and mountains.

  9. Too many lovely photos to choose a favourite. Love the first one...and the traffic lights...and the rain and mist...guess I just love them all! A wonderful collection.

  10. Hi Pooches,

    Is there a cat trapped up the tree? Yesterday, we had fire fighters come to talk to our school. yes, they do rescue cats from the trees.

    The caves in Sarawak is the biggest in the world.

  11. Your photography is always so inspiring every week! Love the picture of your pups, mine are just not obedient enough to pose for me! Love the misty shots, and the stoplights.

    Nitty Gritty Looks Up

  12. Your dogs are adorable looking up like that! That is the winner for me. Oregon is definitely a gorgeous place to live. You did a great job-capturing fall.

  13. Wow girl...first off the header..stunning!! I adore the first one..giggle...wonderful! I think my favorite other than the dogs is the last one..oh my that is stunning!! Hugs, Sarah

  14. I agree with Tabor! all are great shots. love the first one of course. the trees and the sunset also. can't choose just one.


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