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13 November 2010

I get my Fat Babies

What, you thought Fat Babies were overweight infants? Nope...

Saturday was a rainy day, not much good for spending hours outdoors, although we did do a bit of that. Ed and Reub don't let us get away without a good walk, no matter what the weather.

It was, however, an excellent day to go to the farm and ranch supply store in neighboring Albany.

I was searching for something I have wanted for quite awhile, but have felt that I don't deserve. After all, I haven't lived on a farm or ranch in a long time and I don't own a horse.

For a cowgirl wanna-be, this store holds endless fascination. Horse mannequins!

So many distractions. Toy hedgehogs...toy coyotes...toy donkeys!

Interesting reading.

Toy Arab horses with female riders. It was hard to stay on-task.

Pink ostrich skin boots for a very tiny cowgirl

In case you haven't already guessed, I was going after a pair of cowgirl boots. I haven't owned a pair since childhood, age six, the same time I sported a hounds tooth double-visor Sherlock Holmes cap.

Specifically I was looking for Fat Babies, a sensible stubby boot made by Ariat for women who actually ride horses.

John and my friend Mary helped me sort through the dozens of possibilities, most of which didn't fit.

But then...

Hmmmm, not too flashy


Ahh, and 20% off. Mine, all mine.

It doesn't bother me that I have boots and no horse, not really. I do wish I still had that hounds tooth Sherlock Holmes hat though; it went with my first pair of boots really well.

Comforting words from the manufacturer's website:
Note that Ariat’s main company vision is to deliver excellent horseback riding boots. However, if you do not horseback ride, it does not mean you cannot wear your boots anywhere else. These cowboy boots are so well-made they can be worn everyday no matter what you like to do.


  1. Oh! I want some of those boots! and I want a horse, but can't have one of those - dang....
    A pretend horse though - hmmm, well, that may be kind of strange, me on a pretend horse - GMR dragging me behind from the bumper of his subaru -teeheeehe

  2. Nice pair of boots! I've seen people wearing boots here in our hot climate, just for fashion statement. The shop allowed photography in it? over here, most shops usually have this 'no photography' sign in them, so no chance of taking photos.

  3. Nobody seems to care if I take photos in stores, and I often do just that. Well, not entirely true: when I was in Neiman Marcus this past summer there were "NO PHOTOGRAPHY" signs up at all of the entrances. Too bad, b/c their mannequins were really freaky and would have made great pictures. But I always respect "no photos" signs.

  4. OHHHHH Man!! I am so a cowboy wannabe. My mouth started watering when you got to the pics of the cowboy boots. VERY COOL!!

    Love the magazine selection, too.

  5. ohhhh my. i got to wear my cowboy boots for a line dancing class with eliza on monday...not so comfy but soooo much attitude...i'll be lookin for those fat babies in ny...


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