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31 March 2011

Ages 11-14: Champs

The middle school years: ages 11-14. As a parent I remember these to be the busiest and most engaging of all: everybody involved in activities galore and nobody yet with a driver's license. As a teacher I love them. Middle school girls, with their fresh faces and busy lives, are on a different wavelength than their male counterparts, arms and legs akimbo, everybody loudly expressing opinions on music and pop culture. Make no mistake: they are beginning to form plans, however imperfectly, about their futures. They are interested in history, in art, in social justice. If you see them giggling and slouching in the mall, forgive them, because beneath all that, they are truly fabulous.

This video, shot off the coast of southern Thailand, exemplifies my belief that this age group is wonderful, and even powerful:

Plus, holy cow, just LOOK where they live.

P.S. See their amazing new pitch on Google maps, here.


  1. What a beautiful story, bought a wee lump in my throat. I think when bought up to believe they can, at that age children can teach us soooo much about what it is to be a human being.

    Inspirational story

  2. Wow and wow again. Kids are certainly the hope of the world!

  3. Smashing kids! Just like hey are everywhere in the world. And how well they all seemed to be getting on with each other.

    Ahem, I've seen them differently as well.

    I loved your last post too. Putting snowshoes on a dog indeed; no wonder they came off instantly. The indignity of it.


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