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29 March 2011

Yoga and beer

John says that I have skied to Fawn Lake, but I don't remember it. I remember  Gold Lake, and the Rosary Lakes, not far from where we were staying last week--Odell Lake in the central Cascades of Oregon--but Fawn Lake has been as elusive as the Holy Grail for 3 years now.

Last time we tried to ski there, the trail markers were all down. We were determined to find it this time. We put Eddy's fashionable blue snow boots on,  for which he did not thank us, and set out in the morning.

 Within 15 minutes Ed had shed all of his boots.

The trail had a new name: Crater Butte Trail, probably not a good sign since our destination was not Crater Butte.

But at least it was marked with nice blue diamonds and was going in the right direction. We had two maps and a compass with us, so how could we go wrong?

The snow was very deep and some of the markers had gotten covered up, and others were just missing. We spent the better part of two days, two separate ski trips, trying to find the trail to Fawn Lake.

Alas, we never found it. Oh well, never mind, it was still a beautiful place to be and we had it all to ourselves.

This railroad track was there to guide us back to civilization.

Civilization. To ease our frustration and to help our aching bodies we did some yoga while simultaneously having a beer. We thought of new names for poses: downward bottle, beer balance. A new type of yoga: Have-ah Pint-ah. We may not have found Fawn Lake, but we did achieve a relaxed state of being. And isn't that what a vacation is for?


  1. I think you could be on to something with the beer yoga. Love Eddy's boots.

  2. You certainly know how to make up for any situation...glad you did not get lost in the snow! I would worry about stuff like that...even with a map and compass.

  3. I never could see how those dog booties even might work, but surely sled dogs wear something similar on those long Arctic races.

  4. Love the doggie boots!
    What a beautiful blue sky you had overhead.
    I really like the railroad track image - super shot!

    Thanks for your visit. :)

  5. Hi Kerry, I was hoping you would find it this time. I kept looking. Perhaps if Ed had not decided to shuck those pretty blue boots you would have fared better.

    Google Maps found Fawn Lake for me. It is halfway between Odell Lake and Cresent Lake and a couple of miles west of Hwy 429. It's very small, about 2000 feet northeast by southwest and funnel shaped averaging half as wide as it is long. The trees were really thin over there.
    Is it cheating to supplement your compass and the sun with a GPS?

  6. My dog would never tolerate those boots! Too bad you didn't find the lake, but your 'therapy' sounds pretty good :-)

  7. Great photos! Love the dog booties. Love the snow!

  8. the snow on the tree is so pretty
    I love Eddy's boots but I understand that he doesn't
    my neighbor's dog sits down and refuses to walk if his boots are on
    and he's huge so picking him up is not an option :)

  9. ohh, the snow boots are adorable! i bought shoes for my dog (for the rainy season) but he didn't want to wear them.:p

    these are great photos, by the way. the frosted tree is my favorite.

  10. Oh my, looks like you and your dog like risk! Love that snowy tree:)

  11. What a terrific BLUE day from top to bottom! Love the dog boots and of course the Blue Moon.

  12. Mom! I just read this post to Mike and he made a comment about "having balance, with beer". Good one.

  13. "Having balance, with beer." Yes. The new state motto of Oregon!


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